6 Questions You Should Ask Before Joining An MLM Network

MLM NetworkYou’ve probably learnt that MLM is a real and very lucrative work-from-home business, and you’re now very eager to join an MLM network. But don’t, please. At least, not until after you’ve read this article.

Do you know that not all MLM networks and businesses are worth joining? Yes, many of them are either scams or simply not just worth joining, for many reasons.

So, before joining an MLM network, you should find out whether it is worth joining or not. Did you just ask how?

Questions To Ask Before Joining Any MLM Network

Well, here are six good questions to help you, plus the answers that you should expect from a good network:


1. Would the products do well in market?

A good MLM business must offer a product that is unique and that many people need. You won’t make any profit if you’re marketing mundane products that people can find almost everywhere.

So, if an MLM network is offering products that aren’t unique or that most people don’t need, you’d better find another network.


2. Does the network emphasize more on you recruiting other distributors than on selling?

Well, that’s a red flag. A good MLM network should be interested in how much sales you make, not in how much new distributors you bring into the network.

So, if a network isn’t offering any helpful tips on how you can market or sell their products better, such a network is most likely interested in more distributors rather than sales.

Also, if a network promises you greater reward for recruiting new distributors than for selling its products, avoid such a network.


3. Has the network been long established?

Being in business for decades is a sign of a good MLM network. If an MLM network is new or just a few years old, I wouldn’t advise you to join such. If you do so, you’ll be risking your money.


4. Is the network overhyped?

Never be deceived by glorifying testimonials displayed on an MLM network’s home page. Such testimonials could be fictional.

Are the testimonials too good to be true? Then avoid that network like a plague.


5. Are there high-pressure CTAs?

Check the website of an MLM network for statements like, “You have just 48 hours to join the success train…”, or “This is a limited time opportunity…”

Such statements stimulate people to take action without deliberation. So, avoid MLM schemes that try to use them to “charge” people up.


6. What are others saying?

To get genuine information and reviews about an MLM scheme – or any other online business – do a Google search. You’ll always find honest reviews about the scheme – written by either satisfied or jolted folks.

If there are too many complaints about an MLM network, why should you consider such, let alone joining it?

Be smart. Do your research well. If you ask all these questions before choosing an MLM scheme, you’ll never make the wrong choice.

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Let me guess. For some time now, you’ve been trying to find an alternate source of income. And you’re Low Cost, Low Risk, and High Returns Work-From-Home MLM Opportunitylooking in the same direction with everyone – at the internet. I guessed right, uh?

Like many other people, you’ve been surfing the web day and night in search of a realistic and lucrative work-from-home business that can fetch you more money. But you’ve not been able to decide on what business to start.

I think I know your problem. It’s not that you can’t find any opportunities. But you’re stuck because there are too many opportunities that promise great results, right?

But I’ve got good news for you…

If you’re looking for a low cost, low risk, business that will give you the financial independence you always wanted, MLM is the way to go. Trust me.

So, what is MLM?

what is MLM
MLM, or multilevel marketing, is a business methodology that involves recruiting distributors to promote and sell a business’s products, and bring in more distributors. Distributors are compensated for their efforts.

So, simply put, when you join a MLM network, you help the business promote and sell its products/services. You’ll get a commission for each sale you make, and for each new distributor you bring to the network. That’s it.

Sounds simple, right? Well, I can choose to affirm that, but my aim is to tell you the truth and give honest advice, not a misleading one. So, I’ll tell you some truths about MLM:


1. MLM won’t make you a millionaire overnight

If you think MLM will make you a millionaire overnight or with the click of a button, I’m sorry I’ve just disappointed you.

Like other businesses, MLM requires hard work, determination, an ability to market well, and persistence. You won’t make money while just folding your arms!

But the sweet truth is, you can start making real money from MLM shortly after starting. I’m sure that sounded nice to you, but to make that happen you’ll have to learn more about the business. Of course, you can’t succeed at a business you don’t know about. Can you?


2. You’ll need a mentor

Every successful person had a mentor. Find someone who’s experienced and already earning huge figures from MLM, and make him your mentor. Do a Google search on this. Most such MLM gurus share their tips and advice on their blogs.

A mentor will teach you smart techniques that will help you succeed early. He’ll also warn you of mistakes to avoid.


3. Be vigilant

Before accepting to join any MLM network, try to find out about the business and its products (or else you’ll be scammed).

The next post discloses six important questions you should ask before joining an MLM network.


Bottom line

MLM is lucrative and real. And you can be very successful at it, like many others. Follow the tips in this article, and you’ll be on your way to success. Best of luck.