Buyers Or Information Seekers: Whom Should You Target?

target marketFor an online marketer, being smart enough to know whom exactly to target and how to target them is the only shortcut to success. You’ll fail if you target the wrong people – that’s no rocket science. And you’ll fail as well if you target the right audience in the wrong way.

Now, the question is whom should you target as your audience? Read on, and you’ll get an answer that may surprise you.

In the past decades, advertising your products and bragging about its unique features was all you needed to make sales. Huge sales.

But today, the story has changed. People are no longer interested in those glorifying adjectives that marketers describe their products with. People feel skeptical about buying a new product because they’ve been burned several times in the past. And they’re now more than careful not to waste their money on mediocre offers

With many overhyped offers flocking the market today, it will take more than just advertising to sell your product. You need to offer value free. When you offer problem-solving information that your visitors find very helpful, you’ll build trust gradually, and they’ll deem you worthy of doing business with.

Here’s the explanation from another angle:

Because they don’t want to fall for the same old mediocre offers, most buyers search for genuine and valuable information about products or services before buying them. So, what we have today are information seekers, not buyers per se.

After all that has been explained, you can now see why your marketing efforts shouldn’t entail blatant advertisement and pitches. Rather, you should focus on offering valuable content. That’s the only way you can build trust and credibility. And remember, people will only buy from businesses they trust.

Valuable content answers the several questions that potential buyers are asking about your products or services. It explains to buyers how your products or services can solve their problems. It explains your products and services are the best for them in a very subtle way that doesn’t appear “salesy”. So, target information seekers by offering valuable content. Prospects will trust you and take you for an authority in your area of business. And when this happens, they deem your products the best fit for them.

Remember, when you’re trusted, not only will people do business with you, but they’ll also spread word about your business.

How can you offer valuable content?

The answer is simple. The best and simplest approach is for you to set up a blog for your business. Most businesses, having realized the importance of a blog, have set up theirs. You need to set up yours, now. Get started by Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business or you can decide to simply use the Empower Network blog. It’s already set up and hosted for you and your content gets ranked easily in the search engine.

Having set up a blog, publish high quality, valuable, and engaging posts that your readers will find very helpful. Also offer information in the form of ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc. This way, you’ll convert many prospects and attract many more loyal customers.

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Magic Submitter: Get Tons of Backlinks While You’re Asleep!

magic submitter backlinksIf you’ve read several articles on how to boost your online visibility, you’d have learned that backlinks are indispensable. The more backlinks you can get to your website or blog, the higher it ranks in search engine listings. So, serious online entrepreneurs have backlink generation as one of their major areas of focus.

Generating backlinks manually is tedious. You’ll have to write tons of articles and submit them to article directories, social media platforms, etc. All these take a lot of time. And remember, being a businessperson, you’ve got many other things begging for your attention. So, what’s the solution? Automation. Yes, placing everything on autopilot while you’re busy with other tasks.

Magic Submitter is an advanced and highly effective internet marketing program that helps spread word of your business to the most remote destinations. It allows you to syndicate your content to hundreds of online channels, including article directories, RSS feeds, PDF sites, social media sites, and social bookmarking sites. Just with the click of a button. Interesting, right?

Also, to protect you from the penalty of duplicate content, Magic Submitter automatically spins multiple versions of your content before submitting them to the various online channels.

Aside the aforementioned features, Magic submitter can help you organize links, create link campaigns, or ping link creations with the click of a button.

Magic Submitter is reliable, safe to use, and very productive. It helps you achieve much within very short period of time and with very little effort.

Here is a summarized list of the awesome features of Magic Submitter:

  • Spins multiple versions of your content, ensuring 100% uniqueness (you won’t have your website or blog slapped by search engines for duplicate content)
  • Creates and verifies accounts automatically at each online channel to which your content is to be submitted
  • Automatically solves Captcha puzzles and verifications
  • Creates thousands of backlinks on autopilot
  • Bookmarks and pings links automatically
  • Offers detailed and accurate professional reports for smoother flow of business

Magic Submitter has a very customer-friendly interface and excellent usability. So, you won’t need to go for a tutorial to understand how to use it or how it works. Also, it’s efficient, fast, and accurate.

In all, Magic Submitter is a great tool for improving your business’s online visibility with ease. It comes with a $4.95 1st Month Trial, and $67 Each Month After.

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