If You Can’t Convert Casual Visitors Into Customers, You’re Not Yet In Business!

capture page convert casual visitors into customers, quicklyTo make real money from your online business, you must be able to convert casual visitors into customers, quickly.

Now, let’s start this way…

  • Can you design a capture page?
  • Can you add an opt-in form to it?
  • Can you embed a video within your capture page?
  • Can you craft killer CTAs? (And please, don’t tell me you don’t know what CTAs are.)
  • Can you create a killer sales page?
  • Can you set up an autoresponder?
  • Can you load emails in your autoresponder?

My friend, to make it big in online business, you must know how to do these things. If you don’t, then you have a really long way to go.

searching the internet
I could vividly remember my early days in online business. I couldn’t do all these things, too. In fact, I had no idea what it meant to convert visitors into customers. I was a complete novice – then.

I could remember I was searching Google like crazy – for helpful hints on how to get all these tasks completed easily. But the pages I landed on were filled with either useless information or purely promotional content.

Also, I watched hour long videos and presentations, hoping to find simple tips on how to do these things. But in most cases, I close or stop them because they were prepared for programmers and coders who understood all the intricacies of HTML and other programming languages.

I didn’t know anything about programming. And I wasn’t ready to learn it because firstly, it appears scary to me, and secondly, I didn’t just have the time for that.

In short, I wasted lots of time trying to find a simple solution to my ignorance. And after sometime, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I almost concluded that online business is nothing but overhyped bullshit, and I thought of quitting.

You may want to ask, “Why not hire someone to help you?” My friend, I was struggling financially then with more than $10K of credit card debt. My regular job paid just what I needed to pay the bills – nothing more. So I couldn’t afford to pay a contractor for that.

It took me six months to setup my own marketing funnel and it sucked!Marketing Funnel Sucks


But now, my story is changed…

Yes, I can now create capture pages and opt-in forms, embed videos, set up autoresponders, write killer sales copies, upload sales and capture pages in HTML form, and so on – perfectly.

So what happened?

I was once searching Google when I stumbled upon My Lead System Pro (MLSP). A program that could handle all these tasks very easily. I searched online for buyer reviews and was satisfied with those I read. Still sceptical, I test drive MLSP for $2 and lo and behold, I was blown away.

So, I decided to pull out my credit card after 3 days and made my purchase. MLSP turned out to be one of my greatest investment.

Discover how MLSP can shorten your journey as it did mine. Read the next article, which is a brief review I wrote about MLSP. Can My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Really Help You Convert More Leads? (a review)


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Capture Page and Autoresponder: An Indispensable Pair for Every Online Businessperson

computerYou saw the word “indispensable” in the header, right? I guess you’ve been wondering why I used that word. If my guess was right, it shows you’ve yet to understand importance of autoresponders and capture pages.

But after reading this article, I’m sure you’d agree with me that capture pages and autoresponders are really “indispensable”. Now, let’s get started.

What’s a capture page?

Supposing you’re an affiliate marketer or a multilevel marketer, you’ll surely need a website for promoting your products.

But to increase sales, you’ll need to create a special, standalone page (like this one) for persuading and convincing visitors to kick-start a relationship with you – by submitting their email addresses. By leaving their contact details, they’re giving you the permission to send them messages at periodic intervals.

That special page on which you display a form for visitors submit their emails is your capture page. Got one? If you’ve not, you need it, badly. (Click here and go get one ready made


Why do you need a capture page?

A capture page helps to convince your visitors to buy what you’re selling, or at least, to leave their email addresses so that you can contact them later. So, even if they don’t buy from you at first, you’ll get them to do that later – through compelling and engaging newsletter mails. You get that?

With a capture page, you’ll be well ahead of competition because you have a number of people you can call your real customers.

And, just so you know, a visitor who just gets on your website and leaves is not yet your customer. She only becomes a customer when she leaves her contact details so that you can contact her later to inform her of your new products.

How do both work together?

It’s simple. A capture page collects (or “captures”) the email addresses of new subscribers and forwards them to your autoresponder, which in turn organizes it and sends your prescheduled messages to them.

Having a capture page and autoresponder is a way to attract more repeat customers and boost your sales. So, if you’ve not been using this “indispensable pair”, you’ve been losing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of customers. But it’s never too late…

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“You can drive all the traffic in the world but without conversion you’ll still not going to see any result in your online business.”


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However, being that it is a theme and not a plug-in, this means that you cannot use Optimizepress on the same WordPress installation as another theme which is quite annoying. Which leads to my second recommendation.


Lead Rocket WP Plugin Lead Rocket is a killer WP Plugin that allows you to build high converting lead getting squeeze pages but also gorgeous lead capture pages in literally minutes. Check out Lead Rocket WP Plugin.


MLSPTo use systems with pre-built sales funnels and dozens of capture page templates, along with hundreds of hours of Marketing Training, on just about every subject you could hope to learn about, from the industries top producers and leaders… I strongly recommend MLSP (My Lead System Pro).