Buyers Or Information Seekers: Whom Should You Target?

target marketFor an online marketer, being smart enough to know whom exactly to target and how to target them is the only shortcut to success. You’ll fail if you target the wrong people – that’s no rocket science. And you’ll fail as well if you target the right audience in the wrong way.

Now, the question is whom should you target as your audience? Read on, and you’ll get an answer that may surprise you.

In the past decades, advertising your products and bragging about its unique features was all you needed to make sales. Huge sales.

But today, the story has changed. People are no longer interested in those glorifying adjectives that marketers describe their products with. People feel skeptical about buying a new product because they’ve been burned several times in the past. And they’re now more than careful not to waste their money on mediocre offers

With many overhyped offers flocking the market today, it will take more than just advertising to sell your product. You need to offer value free. When you offer problem-solving information that your visitors find very helpful, you’ll build trust gradually, and they’ll deem you worthy of doing business with.

Here’s the explanation from another angle:

Because they don’t want to fall for the same old mediocre offers, most buyers search for genuine and valuable information about products or services before buying them. So, what we have today are information seekers, not buyers per se.

After all that has been explained, you can now see why your marketing efforts shouldn’t entail blatant advertisement and pitches. Rather, you should focus on offering valuable content. That’s the only way you can build trust and credibility. And remember, people will only buy from businesses they trust.

Valuable content answers the several questions that potential buyers are asking about your products or services. It explains to buyers how your products or services can solve their problems. It explains your products and services are the best for them in a very subtle way that doesn’t appear “salesy”. So, target information seekers by offering valuable content. Prospects will trust you and take you for an authority in your area of business. And when this happens, they deem your products the best fit for them.

Remember, when you’re trusted, not only will people do business with you, but they’ll also spread word about your business.

How can you offer valuable content?

The answer is simple. The best and simplest approach is for you to set up a blog for your business. Most businesses, having realized the importance of a blog, have set up theirs. You need to set up yours, now. Get started by Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business or you can decide to simply use the Empower Network blog. It’s already set up and hosted for you and your content gets ranked easily in the search engine.

Having set up a blog, publish high quality, valuable, and engaging posts that your readers will find very helpful. Also offer information in the form of ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc. This way, you’ll convert many prospects and attract many more loyal customers.

What to Blog About? Top Money Making Ideas for Bloggers

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How to Be a Winning Blogger Right from the Start – Long Tail Keywords

Presently, there are several millions of blogs on the internet. And every day, 150,000 new blogs go live. Do you know what this means? Getting a new blog to rank highly in Google gets increasingly difficult each day.

So, in order to succeed, you have an intimidating number of rival bloggers to beat to their game. Remember, SEO is a competition – a fierce and on-going battle for the top spots in search engine listings.

No matter what niche you choose to blog on, the truth is, some bloggers are already dominating that niche. And you’ll find it hard to beat them to the top rankings. This fact, though harsh, is a bitter truth that every new blogger must realize.

But do you know what? You can have your new blog ranked number one in Google and other major search engines just weeks after setting it up. Yes, you can. And in this article I’ll be sharing a little secret with you that can help you push your blog to the top positions within a few weeks. I’m sure you’re now eager to learn the secret. Read on.

Long tail keywords rock

If you’re blogging in the weight loss niche for instance, you’re likely to consider optimizing for keywords like “weight loss”, “weight loss tips”, “how to lose weight”, etc.

But, my friend, you’ll never have your blog highly ranked for these keywords in years. And that’s because too many blogs are already optimized for those keywords. In other words, the competition for these keywords is very keen.

How to Write Web Copy That Converts – 5 Practical Steps

So, instead of the weight loss related keywords listed above, consider the following:

  • weight loss tips for busy people
  • weight loss tips for seniors
  • weight loss on a budget
  • how to lose weight easily

Long tail keywords are very easy to optimize for. Just write a well-optimized, valuable, and detailed post, and that could be just enough to have your blog sitting on top.

Note, however, that not all long tail keywords are worth optimizing. Some of them are keenly competed for, while others attract too little searches. To choose the right long tail keywords, use the Google keyword tool to check for competition and number of searches.

At least 1,000 monthly EXACT searches.

Getting good results – even if they’re small – from your blogging efforts will motivate you to keep moving. So, optimize for long tail keywords, and you’ll soon start ranking tops for them.

What to Blog About? Top Money Making Ideas for Bloggers

what to blog about? top money making ideas for bloggersIn my previous post, Buyers Or Information Seekers: Whom Should You Seek? I talked about setting up a blog, publish high quality, valuable, and engaging posts that your readers will find very helpful. Also offer information in the form of ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc. Lead by value. Offer solution to a problem.


“What do I blog about?”

“What products and programs to promote that will solve people’s problem, products that people will buy?”

The truth of the matter is…

To make real money from your online business – be it affiliate marketing or network marketing – you must promote only what people are buying.

If you promote products that no one is buying, you simply won’t make any money.

Do you now know why it’s important to target bestselling products? I’m sure you do.

Now, here are some very reliable and accurate online resources that can help you find the most lucrative products and programs to promote, either as an affiliate or as a network marketer:

1. Google Trends

This tool helps you know the current hot searches (that is, what people are searching for right now). Also, it shows graphs that indicate whether the number of global searches for a given query is increasing or decreasing with time.

With Google Trends, not only can you study the trends of a particular keyword or phrase, but you can also compare it with another keyword.

2. Ebay Pulse

Because people who are searching for Ebay are serious buyers, Ebay Pulse is a very reliable tool for finding what people are buying online right now. Just look at the “popular searches” list in your preferred category, and you’ll see the hottest selling products.

3. Amazon

The world’s largest online store, Amazon is another place to check for the current bestsellers. Click on your preferred category, and then click on the “bestsellers” tab on the category page. There you’ll find the current hotcakes in that category.

4. My Simon

Another reputable online store, My Simon has a “top searches” feature on the left hand side of each category page (just like Amazon). This gives you a clue about what people are buying the most in that category.

5. Clickbank Marketplace

If you want to promote digital products, such as ebooks, games, and software, Clickbank’s marketplace is the way to go. (Remember, these products offer the highest affiliate commissions. So, they’re really worth going after.) Once you’re in the marketplace, choose your preferred category, and look out for products with the highest gravity. These are the bestsellers in that category.

If you’re a network marketer, check out these two websites:

Both websites feature rankings of the best network marketing programs on the web, based on many factors. So, you can compare the top ranking programs before making an informed choice.

It’s important that you research the market before going into any business – online or offline. So, use these online resources to find the best products to market, and you’ll start making money in the end.

Tips: Leverage the power of an authority blog like Empower Network to rank for your chosen keywords quickly and start making money – real money, not peanuts – in a matter of days to a few weeks.

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