TribePro: Distribute your Content to a Massive Network of Social Media and Networking Sites – Automatically

tribepro syndicationIf you’ve been struggling to drive traffic to your blog, even after applying various tactics, then you’re now on the right page. I was once facing what you’re facing now – my blog attracted very little traffic even after I published many blog comments, forum posts, guest posts, and social media posts.

But my story changed completely when I came across TribePro while reading a forum thread in which some members recommended it to the author who had the same problem as mine. And because it worked miraculously for me, I’ll be recommending it for you, too.

Now, let me tell you more about this amazing service…

What is TribePro?

TribePro is a content syndication service that helps distribute your content to a massive network of social media and networking sites – automatically, without you having to lift a finger (but you’ll actually have to lift a few fingers while doing the initial setup). Wondering how this is possible? Read on.

How does TribePro work?

TribePro uses another service, Onlywire, to submit your content to other people’s social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, etc. This gives your website maximum exposure.

Now, let’s go into more detail. This is what happens when you join TribePro:

  1. You create your Onlywire account. This also entails creating new accounts at over 50 social media networks (you won’t create new accounts where you have pre-existing ones).
  2. You create a TribePro account and sign up for the Plus plan.
  3. You start auto-syndicating other people’s content and requesting them to reciprocate.
  4. You set-up the “Auto submit” feature so that any newly published content on your website or blog goes into TribePro.
  5. Instantly, your content will be shared across over 50 social networking sites and over 1000 social media accounts.

So, what it means is that you’ll be getting instant backlinks, and instant content syndication across thousands of channels. This will not only drive massive traffic to your site, but it will also get you several backlinks.

Remember, Google has now started throwing more weight behind backlinks from social media channels. So, you’re at a huge advantage, as you’ll be getting many of these backlinks that now mean a lot to Google.

In all, you get more traffic, leading to more sales, and then to more profit. I’m sure you like that, don’t you?

So, automate your linkbuilding strategies now by joining the TribePro community, and you’ll soon start getting massive traffic on autopilot.

Training webinar below shows you how to massively distibute your content virally by leveraging the efforts of a community.


To signup for free of the resources mentioned in the video, visit TribePro.


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Magic Submitter: Get Tons of Backlinks While You’re Asleep!

magic submitter backlinksIf you’ve read several articles on how to boost your online visibility, you’d have learned that backlinks are indispensable. The more backlinks you can get to your website or blog, the higher it ranks in search engine listings. So, serious online entrepreneurs have backlink generation as one of their major areas of focus.

Generating backlinks manually is tedious. You’ll have to write tons of articles and submit them to article directories, social media platforms, etc. All these take a lot of time. And remember, being a businessperson, you’ve got many other things begging for your attention. So, what’s the solution? Automation. Yes, placing everything on autopilot while you’re busy with other tasks.

Magic Submitter is an advanced and highly effective internet marketing program that helps spread word of your business to the most remote destinations. It allows you to syndicate your content to hundreds of online channels, including article directories, RSS feeds, PDF sites, social media sites, and social bookmarking sites. Just with the click of a button. Interesting, right?

Also, to protect you from the penalty of duplicate content, Magic Submitter automatically spins multiple versions of your content before submitting them to the various online channels.

Aside the aforementioned features, Magic submitter can help you organize links, create link campaigns, or ping link creations with the click of a button.

Magic Submitter is reliable, safe to use, and very productive. It helps you achieve much within very short period of time and with very little effort.

Here is a summarized list of the awesome features of Magic Submitter:

  • Spins multiple versions of your content, ensuring 100% uniqueness (you won’t have your website or blog slapped by search engines for duplicate content)
  • Creates and verifies accounts automatically at each online channel to which your content is to be submitted
  • Automatically solves Captcha puzzles and verifications
  • Creates thousands of backlinks on autopilot
  • Bookmarks and pings links automatically
  • Offers detailed and accurate professional reports for smoother flow of business

Magic Submitter has a very customer-friendly interface and excellent usability. So, you won’t need to go for a tutorial to understand how to use it or how it works. Also, it’s efficient, fast, and accurate.

In all, Magic Submitter is a great tool for improving your business’s online visibility with ease. It comes with a $4.95 1st Month Trial, and $67 Each Month After.

magic submitter price




Boost Your Linkbuilding Campaign with Social ADR and Social Monkee

Boost Your Linkbuilding Campaign with Social ADR and Social Monkee

Backlinks – Social ADR and Social Monkee

Backlinks are very important for every online business. Without lots of backlinks, you won’t have your website ranked high in Google, and you won’t generate traffic – which really matters most.

Backlink building is the core task required for off-page SEO. The more aggressively you build traffic, the higher your website or blog shoots in Google’s rankings.

Though it’s very important, building backlinks is a very tedious task. It could be frustratingly difficult, especially when you’re in a highly competitive niche or targeting highly competitive keywords.

One of the smartest ways to build tons of backlinks to your website or blog is to use social bookmarking sites (such as Stumbleupon, Digg, BlinkList,, etc.).

Social bookmarking sites are the best platforms for sending your posts on a viral spree. The more people engage with your posts, the more they share and bookmark them, and the more backlinks you get.

In order to make the most out of social bookmarking sites, you must bookmark your posts on hundreds of such sites regularly. But this is not easy, because you have many other tasks begging for your attention.

So, what’s the shortcut?

I want to introduce two great resources to you – Social ADR and Social Monkee. These tools are used to blast off posts to many social bookmarking sites – with the click of a button.

Social ADR

Social ADR enables other users to bookmark the URL you submitted. All you need to do is sign up for free and add your login details for all the included social bookmarking sites (24 in all). This might take time, but you’ll never have to repeat the task. Subsequently, it will take you just one minute or thereabout to submit your content for other people to bookmark.

If you’re too busy to set up your account yourself, Social ADR can handle the whole task for you for a small fee.

This is how Social ADR works: Add your bookmark and wait for others to bookmark your URL. But you won’t have your bookmark shared by others unless you have enough credits in your account. You can either get credits free by sharing other users’ bookmarks or by buying them directly.

Social ADR offers both free and paid plans. While the paid plan offers unlimited benefits, using the paid plan restricts you to sharing only five bookmarks per day (to prevent backlink spamming). This automatically restricts the number of credits you can earn. Also, after having your bookmark shared about 20 times, it will be transferred to the archives.

socialadr sign up free account

Social Monkee

This is a newer resource, very similar to Social ADR, but for a few differences. For example, unlike what Social ADR demands, you don’t have to add your login details at social bookmarking sites.

Another sweet fact about Social Monkee is that the results are somewhat specific. For example, if you subscribe for the basic plan, which costs just $7, you’ll gain 25 backlinks automatically after pushing the button.

One area in which Social ADR trumps Social Monkee is that of the power of generated backlinks. Most backlinks in Social Monkee are sent from low Page Rank and Alexa rank sites. So, backlinks generated on Social Monkee aren’t as powerful as those generated on Social ADR.

Visit Official Site - Social Monkee

Now, review the pros and cons of each, as explained in this post, and make your choice. You’ll soon start noticing an increase in your search engine rankings.

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