Why You Need an Autoresponder for Your Online Business


email-marketing-autoresponder-aweber-getresponseTo build an online presence, you’ll need to put some things in place. First, you must secure a domain name that best suits your brand. Next, you must register for a hosting plan with a reputable hosting service provider. After that comes building your website and setting up a compelling landing page. And next? Your autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a third party email service that helps you send prescheduled emails to your prospects whose contact details have been organized in your mailing list.

An autoresponder sends your follow up messages in your preferred sequence, and it can send to thousands of recipients at once.

So, you don’t have to work your tail off trying to email your prospects one by one. Your autoresponder handles that perfectly.

Why do you need an autoresponder?

You don’t have an autoresponder, and you’re making three figures monthly from your online business? That’s interesting. But do you know that you could be making as much as four to five figures? Well, that’s if you start using an autoresponder. Without it, you’re practically losing hundreds to thousands of prospects, and lots of money, too.

Here are the benefits of having an autoresponder:

  • You can send personalized emails with recipients’ names, countries or other information you collected from them. This compels them to read your emails, as they’ll believe your messages were sent to them personally.
  • You can send helpful information as well as updates about your products and services to your mailing list subscribers at regular intervals. The more you send helpful information, the more trust you build for your business.
  • You can drive traffic to any site – yours or someone else’s – simply by sending emails to your subscribers, giving them genuine reasons why they should visit the site. So, with an autoresponder, your website or blog will never go dry, traffic wise.
  • With an autoresponder, you can send messages to prospects at any time without feeling like you’re interrupting or infringing on their privacy. Remember, they permitted you to send them emails anytime by giving you their contact details. So, even if you market your business, you’re doing so with permission.
  • An autoresponder breeds repeat customers. Just email them about a new offer, and your one-time customers will be more than eager to buy from you again.

So, in summary, an autoresponder = true automation… grows your business and propels it far ahead of competition. If you want to double your income, set up yours now.



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Update June 2013: Check out why I decided to switch over to this new autoresponder service 

***Now that you got your autoresponder, you will need to start building your list with laser-targeted leads, building relationship and monetize your list. The Art Of Mastering copywriting comes heavily into play here.


3 thoughts on “Why You Need an Autoresponder for Your Online Business”

    1. Hi Karan,

      I use both Getresponse and Aweber. Both are great tools but Aweber is definitely more user-friendly and easy-to-use for newbies. But whichever you choose, autoresponder is definitely a must in your online business.


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