3 thoughts on “Pure Leverage and GVO = An Internet Marketers Dream? (My Story)”

  1. Interesting discussion of Aweber.
    I also have seen and a still not impressed with the “Pure Leverage” product.
    The moduals are interesting to some, but never will, compare to the individual we and our clients use.
    Using Aweber for 9 years and sending, literally. millions of highly converting pieces of correspondence, we have never been Frozen.
    The personal phone support and Marketing ideas shared weekly are invaluable and many of our clients have benefited greatly by applying the information to their business practices and enjoy steadily increasing sales and of course PROFIT.
    Along with that I still have not found a easier to use Webinar service as Citrix provides..
    another wonderful conversion to cash tool.
    The quality of the video file returned after the session is superb and allows the re-purposing into other Cash Products…
    A seamless procedure.
    Of course, I am an old codger who learned over 50 years ago to make decision quickly and change direction very slowly.
    That is why all of our businesses thrive during all economic cycles.
    I am sure you will continue your success pattern using this “newly Packaged” old product.
    I just wonder what they will turn out two years form now?

    1. Hi Chuck,

      Thank you for leaving your comment. Yes aweber is a fantastic product. But the value in the ability to have 10,000 subscribers in PL for $25 a month alone is worth the price not to mention the considerable saving. As your list grow bigger, the price for Aweber will climb as well. With the “newly Packaged” old product i.e Pure Leverage and GVO Partnership, people have the ability to earn 100% commissions on the front-end product which stood at a hefty $24.95, as compared to the previous GVO which offers a measly 50 cents per customer or aweber 30 cents per customer!

      The hosting, web sites, domains, conferences rooms, video email, autoresponder, video hosting, capture pages and training is just an added bonus! and this is accessible with one simple login. The support in PL is top notch. Joel Therien and his team is active on their FB group and constantly listening to people’s feedback and working hard to improve their system. Go check it out yourself. 🙂 Zoei

  2. Pure Leverage and GVO pretty much steal your lists. If you use either one of these services you are splitting your lists with the company. In fact, any similar service that provides a per-built capture page on a domain name and website not owned by you is split between you and “the house”.

    If you value your list, you should stick with the more reputable auto-responders — GetResponse and Aweber.

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