Ditch This Bad Mindset Before It Ruins Your Online Business Dreams


stinginess mindsetWhen I started, I had a very terrible mindset. But I never realized it until much later. I had a stinginess mindset!

I set up my first blog on the Blogger platform. At the time, I just learned about blogging and how lucrative it could be. So, I got a burst of motivation to get started – anyhow.

I was naïve. I knew very little about SEO. And at the time, nothing was heard of social media – it was probably still in the embryo.

All I did was write and publish some articles, and I waited for the visitors to start trooping in their hundreds and thousands. That never happened, by the way.

But I never stopped learning about blogging and how to make money online. The more I read (articles and ebooks), the more I discovered. I knew more about SEO, and I was determined to implement every SEO tactic I learned.

At the time, I had a very terrible mindset. But I never realized it until much later. I had a stinginess mindset – I believed strongly that I can achieve my dream as a blogger without spending a dime.

I was comfortable with the “.blogspot.com” extension in my blog URL – I felt it had nothing to do with my success or failure.

I ran after only the free tools and services. For my keyword research, I stuck to the Google Keyword Tool, even though I learned that tools like SECockpit and Market Samurai gave more specific results.

I deemed it prodigal to hire a ghostwriter for my posts. I felt I could write myself – though I wrote crappy articles, being a non-native English speaker.

And regarding many other things money could have done easily, I felt there were better alternatives in cost free versions.


One day, I sat down to meditate over my little journey down the blogging lane. I discovered that I’ve recorded no success. I wondered how the successful bloggers have doing their thing and getting great results. And I came to a conclusion: they spent money whenever necessary.

Instantly, I ditched my stinginess mindset. I was poised to succeed at blogging. So, I resolved to spend every dollar that could shorten my route to this success.

I registered a domain name and set-up a brand new, self-hosted blog on WordPress. I bought premium keyword research tools, proven link-building packages, and other tools I needed to drive traffic to my blog and boost its SEO ranking.

Because I felt someone else can’t share my ideas like I’ll do, I disliked the idea of hiring a ghostwriter. I bought ebooks and programs that taught English grammar and writing skills. And within 2 months, I could write killer, flawless posts.

As of present, I’m making a decent amount monthly from my online business. This is just one year after setting up my business with a brand new mindset. And I’m sure, with time, I’ll earn more.

So, with a simple change of mindset, I’m getting closer to my dreams. You can, too. If you’ve been nursing the stinginess mindset, discard it now, and your efforts at making money online will soon start yielding results.

3 thoughts on “Ditch This Bad Mindset Before It Ruins Your Online Business Dreams”

  1. Hi Zoei,

    Good for you!

    Same as you, I’ve also found that success lies upon our mindset and how we perceive our business.

    Is it a business or just something we do and hope to be profitable with?

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Christine,

      How true! Just the other day, my buddy and I were talking about how one of the biggest misconception many internet newbie have is that “internet businesses are ‘cheap’”. I totally agree with him. Internet businesses tend to have a lower start-up cost and sunk cost, etc and you don’t have to invest in expensive fixed assets. But the mentality you need to have is the same as running a real business. You must be willing to invest in your business in order for your business to grow. Take for example, if you were to start a cafe business, you have to rent a physical store, spend money on renovating, and etc. Yes, in an online world you don’t need to do all that. But in order to be truly successful online, you must be willing to spend money on your online assets i.e website/blog, content, the right tools, just like in your business, you will need a store, product, hire staff, marketing and etc etc.

      Thanks for stopping by – great to hear from you!

      Have a great day!


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