TribePro: Distribute your Content to a Massive Network of Social Media and Networking Sites – Automatically

tribepro syndicationIf you’ve been struggling to drive traffic to your blog, even after applying various tactics, then you’re now on the right page. I was once facing what you’re facing now – my blog attracted very little traffic even after I published many blog comments, forum posts, guest posts, and social media posts.

But my story changed completely when I came across TribePro while reading a forum thread in which some members recommended it to the author who had the same problem as mine. And because it worked miraculously for me, I’ll be recommending it for you, too.

Now, let me tell you more about this amazing service…

What is TribePro?

TribePro is a content syndication service that helps distribute your content to a massive network of social media and networking sites – automatically, without you having to lift a finger (but you’ll actually have to lift a few fingers while doing the initial setup). Wondering how this is possible? Read on.

How does TribePro work?

TribePro uses another service, Onlywire, to submit your content to other people’s social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, etc. This gives your website maximum exposure.

Now, let’s go into more detail. This is what happens when you join TribePro:

  1. You create your Onlywire account. This also entails creating new accounts at over 50 social media networks (you won’t create new accounts where you have pre-existing ones).
  2. You create a TribePro account and sign up for the Plus plan.
  3. You start auto-syndicating other people’s content and requesting them to reciprocate.
  4. You set-up the “Auto submit” feature so that any newly published content on your website or blog goes into TribePro.
  5. Instantly, your content will be shared across over 50 social networking sites and over 1000 social media accounts.

So, what it means is that you’ll be getting instant backlinks, and instant content syndication across thousands of channels. This will not only drive massive traffic to your site, but it will also get you several backlinks.

Remember, Google has now started throwing more weight behind backlinks from social media channels. So, you’re at a huge advantage, as you’ll be getting many of these backlinks that now mean a lot to Google.

In all, you get more traffic, leading to more sales, and then to more profit. I’m sure you like that, don’t you?

So, automate your linkbuilding strategies now by joining the TribePro community, and you’ll soon start getting massive traffic on autopilot.

Training webinar below shows you how to massively distibute your content virally by leveraging the efforts of a community.


To signup for free of the resources mentioned in the video, visit TribePro.


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TweetAdder – Get Massive Twitter Followership without Stress!

twitter management tool - tweetadderIf you’re an internet marketer, then you probably would’ve known that Twitter is a very vital tool for gaining lots of subscribers and potential customers.

Many techniques have been recommended – in thousands of articles and other pieces you’ll find online – for building a massive Twitter followership at a steady rate. But the problem is that these techniques don’t just work for everyone.

So, many social media managers and webmasters have come to realize that Twitter followership can be built more quickly and with greater ease through automation. This involves using special programs to get more Twitter followers on autopilot. One of such programs is TweetAdder.

How does TweetAdder work?

TweetAdder is a Twitter management tool designed to help gain Twitter followers. So, without any stress, you can get several thousands of Twitter followers using this program.

TweetAdder doesn’t just attract any followers, but it attracts only specific followers that are relevant to your business, and that are more than likely to do business with you. The program uses six targeted worldwide search tools to find these specific followers.

The awesome features of TweetAdder include:

  • Ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts concurrently (so, social media managers can run as many as possible accounts with the program)
  • Auto-follow and auto-follow options
  • Posting of Tweets to Twitter and other social media profiles – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace

Other than the ones listed, TweetAdder has many more features for optimum social media management.

TweetAdder, as stated earlier, is a software-based service. You’ll have to pay for subscription. Prices depend on the number of accounts you want to manage with the service. An unlimited account option is available, though.

Also, TweetAdder comes with a lifetime license, unlimited free software updates, and ongoing support.

So, it’s very cost effective.

How does TweetAdder compare to other similar programs?

TweetAdder has many advantages over the likes of Tweet Deck and Hootsuite. One of them is that TweetAdder doesn’t use API. So, you can do much more with it than with other programs.

Another edge TweetAdder has over others is that you can manage multiple accounts in one window, on the same screen. So, you don’t have to shuttle between multiple windows while using the program.

Most importantly, TweetAdder works smartly. It works at a not-too-fast pace that won’t trigger Twitter’s suspicion. So, your account won’t get banned for following many users too quickly – a problem which users encounter with other programs.

In all, TweetAdder is one of the many Twitter marketing tools in market. However, it is the best of the pack. So, if you’ve always wanted a powerful Twitter management tool that will serve you perfectly, think TweetAdder. It rocks.

    tweet adder

           Tweet Adder

Discover how this guy leverage the power of TweetAdder to automate twitter and generate endless flood of leads the right way. Watch the webinar below.

Twitter Domination With Mark Barrett


To get a free trial of the resources mentioned in the video, visit Tweet Adder.


To get the most up to date, cutting edge trainings (like the video above) covering the Top Marketing Strategies from the Industries leading producers, take a $2 discounted test drive of MLSP here or learn more about MLSP here.


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