Post Planner: Manage Your Facebook Page with Ease

Managing a Facebook page isn’t easy, especially if you’re using it for spreading word about your business and attracting attention to it. It’s even more difficult if you’re the busy type or when you’re managing more than one Facebook page.

You’ll need to publish new posts at regular intervals. You’ll also need to keep track of the status updates and posts you generate each day. My friend, all these could be very tiring, I’m telling you. But there’s a solution to all the stress…and that’s Post Planner.

“Post Planner is like aspirin for your Facebook marketing pain.” 

– John Haydon (Author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies)

Post Planner is a special application that enables you to post customized status updates on your Facebook page. You can add custom icons, links, and media in your posts, too.

Post Planner can help with your social media marketing campaigns, as it helps you schedule future posts, branding them with your business logos and  icons.

Aside keeping your posts scheduled and organized, Post Planer also offers an RSS feature that allows auto-publishing of your blog posts on your Facebook page. So, whenever a new post goes live on your blog, or a new update on your website, Post Planner posts an automatic status update on your Facebook page to notify your followers.

Here are other reasons why Post Planner is unique and awesome:

  1. You can use it right from within Facebook. So, you don’t have to open another website or download a program in order to use it.
  2. Using Post Planner is very much like using your Facebook page
  3. You can attach links, photos, videos, icons and other media, just as easily as if you were doing it manually
  4. You can edit, reschedule, or rearrange posts that you’ve already scheduled
  5. With just one Post Planner account, you can manage and post to more than one Facebook page
  6. You can choose your time zone and change it whenever you like
  7. It’s very easy to use, since it looks exactly like Facebook
  8. Post Planner’s developers have a very good customer service. You’ll get a prompt reply if you contact them for any reason
  9. Post Planner lets you easily organize your Pages & Groups into Lists — and then post to your Lists in a few clicks
  10. Lastly – What I love about Post Planner compared to other HootSuite or other dashboard apps, you can add your own branded icon and designate the URL to which your “via Your Brand” footer links. No more “via Post Planner”…. but a very efficient and engaging “via _____” (you choose what goes in the blank)!

Post Planner


Like any other program, Post Planner has its own downsides. Though few, they’re listed below:

  1. It’s only for Facebook, not for other social media platforms
  2. The free plan only allows you to manage your personal profile, not a Facebook page
  3. Once you’ve scheduled a post, you can only edit the text. You can’t add photos or links anymore

Post Planner offers many options as regards pricing. Prices start from $4.95 a month and could be as high as $24.95 a month. But even the low-priced plans will give you value for your money, as you’ll enjoy Post Planner’s special tools and features. There’s a 30-day free trial.

If you’re trying to get more serious with your online business and trying to market it using social media, Post Planner is certainly one of the tools you’ll need. You will save time… every day!

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