An Official Review of iLiving App

iLiving AppI know you’re not an app developer. And I know you don’t have even the slightest idea about how apps are built. But what if I told you that you can make money from an app, even when you’re not a developer? You’ll call me crazy, right? But, I’m not…

My friend, you can make real money from the iLiving app. This unique, first-of-its kind mobile application makes it possible for anyone – including you – to make money from the ever-growing mobile app market.

Now, I’ll tell you more…

The iLiving app (The Inspired Living Application) is the first mobile application that merges the “personal development market with mobile apps and network marketing” This has never been done before! It’s made for the iOS and Android platforms. So, if you use an iPhone or another smart phone that runs on Android, you can enjoy this marvelous app.

What makes iLiving app marvelous? Well, I’ll say two things.

Firstly, you’ll get value

Yes, by using the iLiving app, you’ll gain access to quality, valuable information.

Here’s a list of what you’ll get:

• Personal development videos delivered weekly to your mobile device. (These contain practical, valuable information from experts on topics like goal setting, time management, leadership management, financial management, personal development, business development, personal motivation, and lots more.)
• Access to the past videos in the archive. (So, you won’t miss out on the videos shared with users before you joined.)

Secondly – and of course, more importantly – you’ll make money – cool money!

Aside the ones stated above, other benefits you’ll gain by using the iLiving app include:

• A chance to make money through the iLiving app compensation plan
• A personal website (for promoting iLA and attracting more referrals)
• An opportunity to make even more money through the powerful matrix program

So, you’ll be given everything you need to make money from the iLiving app. This is your golden chance to suck some juice from the lucrative mobile app market – even when you don’t know a thing about app development.
Still skeptical? Now, let me whisper something into your ears. (Bring your ears closer. Lol!)

You can make as much as $10,000 monthly from iLiving app. Yes, you “heard” it right (Remember, I’m whispering into your ears.) $10,000. I’m sure your interest is rekindled now.

So, let me tell you more…

Just for being a member (that is, using the iLiving app), you can make over $2500. Even if you don’t refer or sponsor anyone. But if you sponsor at least 3 people, you’ll make even more on top of the $2500. See below:

• By sponsoring 3 people, you’ll make $750 monthly
• By sponsoring 6 people, you’ll make $3,000 monthly
• By sponsoring 10 people, you’ll make $10,000 monthly

In short, the more people you sponsor, the more money you’ll make per month. So, it all boils down to your ability to market and persuade.

Once again, this is your golden chance to earn from the current fastest growing market in the world, the mobile app market. iLiving app will launch very soon. So, join in now before many more people get to know about it.

If wanted to make an extra income, this is a great opportunity.

iLivingApp compensation plan

Now that you have found your golden chance to suck some juice from the lucrative mobile app market, so what are your plans for marketing, advertising and marketing your new business to more money faster?

Though iLiving App’s opportunity may seem perfect, but the more people you sponsor, the more money you’ll make per month.

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