Why Your Online Business Isn’t Thriving (And What You Can Do To Make It Thrive)

business killersHave you been in online business for some time now but haven’t been getting the results you wanted, despite having doing things the right way? If you just gave an affirmative answer, this article is for you. So, my friend, read on…

I understand. You may know of the best strategies in market. You may even have brilliant unique ideas others aren’t thinking of. In fact, you may be spending more time and effort on your business than many others who have achieved greater successes than yours. You know what the problem (in most cases like yours) is? I’ll tell you.

Over the years I’ve spent doing business online, I’ve come to realize one plain fact – two main reasons why people are failing in online business are:

  1. They devote more time to much less important things
  2. They’re never focused on doing one thing; they’re always changing direction

No matter how well you’re trying to “get things right”, if you’re having these two problems, you won’t get anywhere in your online business. That’s the truth!

Here are those “less important” things you’re (most likely) wasting much time on, and are preventing you from staying focused. I’ve also shared tips on how you can handle them better:

1. Email

Chances are, you’re checking your email at every hour – even when you’re in the middle of something very important. This will no doubt reduce your productivity.

Solution: set just one or two times daily for checking and replying to mails.

2. Distractions

Most of the time, you fall for the urge to click on every link and popup that shows on your screen – even when they’re not related to what you’re doing. This will change your direction and kill the zeal you initially had for whatever you’re doing.

Solution: ignore any link, ad, or popup that won’t help what you’re doing at the moment.

3. Old school techniques

Chances are, you’re spending much time on tactics that have long lost their effectiveness. An example? When you spend hours designing an ad rather than write quality content that will fascinate people and help you build trust.

Solution: always learn the techniques that are currently working for your business and adopt them. Drop outdated strategies.

4. Over-reading

After reading a nice post on how best to implement a brilliant tactic, you still try to find more posts that hammer on the same fact instead of taking action immediately.

Solution: once you’ve read a post that has covered what you need in detail, take action immediately, rather than reading more on what you already know.

5. Attracting the wrong audience

Whether you’re attracting prospects through social media or email marketing, all you need are prospects that will eventually convert.

Of what use is a Twitter profile with 113,000 followers when less than 100 followers show interest in your tweets and your business? Isn’t it better to have just 2,000 followers, with 1500 engaging with your business?

Solution: target your specific audience only. You don’t need a very large audience. What matters most is an audience that engages with your business and that eventually convert.

So, from now on, dedicate very little of your time to checking emails and other less important tasks. And focus more on building an active audience, taking action, and doing those things that will really grow your business.

Assign 1 or 2 high yield activities to your schedule daily.

Those could be:

  • Create a blog post
  • Write an article
  • Make a video
  • Create a facebook ppc ad
  • Write sales copy
  • Write autoresponder sequence
  • Write an email broadcast
  • Then, distribute the content to your list, facebook, twitter or other networks.

And then assign 2 to low yield activities to your schedule.

Those could be:

  • 1 hour for email
  • 1 hour for on facebook, twitter and other social networks
  • 1 hour for doing research
  • 1 hour for attending training/leadership calls

NOTE: Don’t add more than you can handle or you’ll end up overwhelmed. This only leads to inaction.

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. ~ Tony Robbins

Ditch This Bad Mindset Before It Ruins Your Online Business Dreams

stinginess mindsetWhen I started, I had a very terrible mindset. But I never realized it until much later. I had a stinginess mindset!

I set up my first blog on the Blogger platform. At the time, I just learned about blogging and how lucrative it could be. So, I got a burst of motivation to get started – anyhow.

I was naïve. I knew very little about SEO. And at the time, nothing was heard of social media – it was probably still in the embryo.

All I did was write and publish some articles, and I waited for the visitors to start trooping in their hundreds and thousands. That never happened, by the way.

But I never stopped learning about blogging and how to make money online. The more I read (articles and ebooks), the more I discovered. I knew more about SEO, and I was determined to implement every SEO tactic I learned.

At the time, I had a very terrible mindset. But I never realized it until much later. I had a stinginess mindset – I believed strongly that I can achieve my dream as a blogger without spending a dime.

I was comfortable with the “.blogspot.com” extension in my blog URL – I felt it had nothing to do with my success or failure.

I ran after only the free tools and services. For my keyword research, I stuck to the Google Keyword Tool, even though I learned that tools like SECockpit and Market Samurai gave more specific results.

I deemed it prodigal to hire a ghostwriter for my posts. I felt I could write myself – though I wrote crappy articles, being a non-native English speaker.

And regarding many other things money could have done easily, I felt there were better alternatives in cost free versions.


One day, I sat down to meditate over my little journey down the blogging lane. I discovered that I’ve recorded no success. I wondered how the successful bloggers have doing their thing and getting great results. And I came to a conclusion: they spent money whenever necessary.

Instantly, I ditched my stinginess mindset. I was poised to succeed at blogging. So, I resolved to spend every dollar that could shorten my route to this success.

I registered a domain name and set-up a brand new, self-hosted blog on WordPress. I bought premium keyword research tools, proven link-building packages, and other tools I needed to drive traffic to my blog and boost its SEO ranking.

Because I felt someone else can’t share my ideas like I’ll do, I disliked the idea of hiring a ghostwriter. I bought ebooks and programs that taught English grammar and writing skills. And within 2 months, I could write killer, flawless posts.

As of present, I’m making a decent amount monthly from my online business. This is just one year after setting up my business with a brand new mindset. And I’m sure, with time, I’ll earn more.

So, with a simple change of mindset, I’m getting closer to my dreams. You can, too. If you’ve been nursing the stinginess mindset, discard it now, and your efforts at making money online will soon start yielding results.

3 Surefire Tips for Developing a Mindset for Earning Six Figures Online

3 Surefire Tips for Developing a Mindset for Earning Six Figures Online

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results”.

This simple statement by Willie Nelson is enough to change your life – positively. It can help you overcome all obstacles – real and abstract – and achieve the impossible. And interestingly, it works for anything worth doing – including internet business.

With a positive mindset, you’ll get great results from your internet marketing efforts and rake more cash into your pocket.

The positive mindset rule is very simple: believe strongly that you’ll become a six-figure earner, and you’ll eventually become. But if you’re pessimistic instead, you just won’t succeed. How can you attain a goal when you’re doubting your abilities?

So, having a positive mindset will continuously fuel you with enough motivation to keep aiming for success.

You too can be like Darren Rowse, Seth Godin, John Chow, and other six-figure earners if you adopt a positive mindset.

Having a positive mindset seems easy, but many people never get it right. And that’s why they keep struggling for ages in order to succeed. If you’re anything like such people, these three tips will help you develop a positive mindset:

1. Always be optimistic

Yes, optimism what positive thinking requires. But you need to know that optimism goes beyond merely nursing hopes and good thoughts. You must make it your habit rather than a one-time act.

You know why optimism should be your habit? A habit remains part of you for long, and it can influence your actions to reflect it.

So, having a habit of optimism will continue to motivate you to achieve your dreams.

2. Have a mentor

Every successful person has a mentor. You can’t achieve success without one. So, to achieve your dreams as an online entrepreneur, you must have a mentor.

A mentor shows you the shortcut to success. He inspires you with his experience, keeps your mindset alive, and monitors your progress. He teaches you proven tips that will help you succeed and warns you of likely mistakes you should avoid.

Note that having a mentor isn’t what matters, but implementing the tactics you learn from him.

3. Plan your way to success

Given you’ve developed a positive mindset, do you think you’ll achieve success by just folding your arms? No way! You have to be realistic.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must have a well-drawn plan. List the steps you’ll take towards achieving success. Your mentor will come in handy here.

By having an outline of your steps to success, you’ll find the path easy to trail, and you’ll know when you’re nearing your goal.

Review your plan at intervals. Ditch any tactic that you think has lost its potency, and add proven tactics you just learned – if there are any.

Bottom line

You’ll become what your mind imagines. With positive thinking, the right mentor, and a checklist of your steps to success, you’ll break barriers and achieve your dreams.