How To Build An Email List Fast! Heard of Solo Ads and Ad Swaps?

Solo Ads and Ad Swaps: What Exactly Do They Mean?“Money is in the list”

Though the statement has become a cliché among online entrepreneurs, it remains one of the most factual statements about online marketing.

If you think you’re enough profit from your online business without a mailing list, the truth is that you’re losing even more by not having one. Believe me.

Without a mailing list, there’s no way you can claim to have loyal, repeat customers, since many of your customers won’t check back after their first deal with you.

But if you have a mailing list, you’ll keep getting in touch with them and updating them about new offers, discounts, and whatnot. This way, you’re reminding them that you care about them, and that they should check back when next they need your products or services.

That said, how can you build a massive mailing list quickly? There are many answers to the question. But in this post, I’ll be revealing only two smart, but closely related options: solo ads and ad swaps.

What do solo ads and ad swaps mean?

A solo ad is when you pay others – webmasters who have already build a large list – to blast an email, advertising your own business to their mailing lists. In other words, you’re paying them to recommend your business to their subscribers.

An ad swap is almost the same as a solo ad. But rather than you paying another webmaster to recommend your business to his list, you two agree on a barter.

For instance, if you’ve built your own list, you can arrange with another webmaster this way: you recommend his business to your subscribers and he recommends yours to his subscribers in return. So, no payment is involved. It’s simply trade-by-barter.

From the definitions, you’ll agree with me that you can only arrange ad swaps if you’ve got some subscribers to your list. If you have few or no subscribers and want to grow your list quickly, a solo ad would be more than suitable.

What are the requirements?

Well, for you to arrange an ad swap, you certainly must have built a list. So, this information may not be for you.

But if you’re just starting to build your list, you’ll need to put some things in place before paying for a solo ad:

  1. A landing page (or opt-in page or squeeze page) hosted on your website, blog or some other location online
  2. An opt-in form (for collecting your visitors’ contact details)
  3. An ethical bribe to give visitors (in exchange for their contact details). To encourage people to join your list, give them a freebie that offers valuable information. It could be a video, an ebook, a podcast, or an application
  4. An autoresponder for organizing your collected emails and sending messages to them.

How can you get ad swaps and solo ads?

Opportunities are abound online but here’s where I get my traffic from.

1) Warrior forum (classified section) solo sellers selling solos at a fair price. Members of the WF also often ask for or offer swap ads. Warrior Forum used to be free but they have returns to be a paid membership ($10) from Nov 2012.

2) Safe-swaps

is another great place you can go get leads. Safe swaps has a huge database of solo ads sellers and ad swappers, though isn’t the best optins if your trying to makes sales for your business. However, just starting out in this business, you can get some decent leads and build up your list fast by doing email ad swaps.

3) Ezine/ Publishers traffic by far converts the best in terms of leads, and sales for you business but most ezines/publishers charge from $940 to $30,000.

Now, you’ve either discovered a smart way to build your mailing list quickly or how to make money by offering solo ads to others who need them. Whichever applies to you, leverage it now.


Capture Page and Autoresponder: An Indispensable Pair for Every Online Businessperson

computerYou saw the word “indispensable” in the header, right? I guess you’ve been wondering why I used that word. If my guess was right, it shows you’ve yet to understand importance of autoresponders and capture pages.

But after reading this article, I’m sure you’d agree with me that capture pages and autoresponders are really “indispensable”. Now, let’s get started.

What’s a capture page?

Supposing you’re an affiliate marketer or a multilevel marketer, you’ll surely need a website for promoting your products.

But to increase sales, you’ll need to create a special, standalone page (like this one) for persuading and convincing visitors to kick-start a relationship with you – by submitting their email addresses. By leaving their contact details, they’re giving you the permission to send them messages at periodic intervals.

That special page on which you display a form for visitors submit their emails is your capture page. Got one? If you’ve not, you need it, badly. (Click here and go get one ready made).

Why do you need a capture page?

A capture page helps to convince your visitors to buy what you’re selling, or at least, to leave their email addresses so that you can contact them later. So, even if they don’t buy from you at first, you’ll get them to do that later – through compelling and engaging newsletter mails. You get that?

With a capture page, you’ll be well ahead of competition because you have a number of people you can call your real customers.

And, just so you know, a visitor who just gets on your website and leaves is not yet your customer. She only becomes a customer when she leaves her contact details so that you can contact her later to inform her of your new products.

How do both work together?

It’s simple. A capture page collects (or “captures”) the email addresses of new subscribers and forwards them to your autoresponder, which in turn organizes it and sends your prescheduled messages to them.

Having a capture page and autoresponder is a way to attract more repeat customers and boost your sales. So, if you’ve not been using this “indispensable pair”, you’ve been losing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of customers. But it’s never too late…

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“You can drive all the traffic in the world but without conversion you’ll still not going to see any result in your online business.”


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However, being that it is a theme and not a plug-in, this means that you cannot use Optimizepress on the same WordPress installation as another theme which is quite annoying. Which leads to my second recommendation.


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MLSPTo use systems with pre-built sales funnels and dozens of capture page templates, along with hundreds of hours of Marketing Training, on just about every subject you could hope to learn about, from the industries top producers and leaders… I strongly recommend MLSP (My Lead System Pro).


Why You Need an Autoresponder for Your Online Business

email-marketing-autoresponder-aweber-getresponseTo build an online presence, you’ll need to put some things in place. First, you must secure a domain name that best suits your brand. Next, you must register for a hosting plan with a reputable hosting service provider. After that comes building your website and setting up a compelling landing page. And next? Your autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a third party email service that helps you send prescheduled emails to your prospects whose contact details have been organized in your mailing list.

An autoresponder sends your follow up messages in your preferred sequence, and it can send to thousands of recipients at once.

So, you don’t have to work your tail off trying to email your prospects one by one. Your autoresponder handles that perfectly.

Why do you need an autoresponder?

You don’t have an autoresponder, and you’re making three figures monthly from your online business? That’s interesting. But do you know that you could be making as much as four to five figures? Well, that’s if you start using an autoresponder. Without it, you’re practically losing hundreds to thousands of prospects, and lots of money, too.

Here are the benefits of having an autoresponder:

  • You can send personalized emails with recipients’ names, countries or other information you collected from them. This compels them to read your emails, as they’ll believe your messages were sent to them personally.
  • You can send helpful information as well as updates about your products and services to your mailing list subscribers at regular intervals. The more you send helpful information, the more trust you build for your business.
  • You can drive traffic to any site – yours or someone else’s – simply by sending emails to your subscribers, giving them genuine reasons why they should visit the site. So, with an autoresponder, your website or blog will never go dry, traffic wise.
  • With an autoresponder, you can send messages to prospects at any time without feeling like you’re interrupting or infringing on their privacy. Remember, they permitted you to send them emails anytime by giving you their contact details. So, even if you market your business, you’re doing so with permission.
  • An autoresponder breeds repeat customers. Just email them about a new offer, and your one-time customers will be more than eager to buy from you again.

So, in summary, an autoresponder = true automation… grows your business and propels it far ahead of competition. If you want to double your income, set up yours now.



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***Now that you got your autoresponder, you will need to start building your list with laser-targeted leads, building relationship and monetize your list. The Art Of Mastering copywriting comes heavily into play here.