If You Can’t Convert Casual Visitors Into Customers, You’re Not Yet In Business!

capture page convert casual visitors into customers, quicklyTo make real money from your online business, you must be able to convert casual visitors into customers, quickly.

Now, let’s start this way…

  • Can you design a capture page?
  • Can you add an opt-in form to it?
  • Can you embed a video within your capture page?
  • Can you craft killer CTAs? (And please, don’t tell me you don’t know what CTAs are.)
  • Can you create a killer sales page?
  • Can you set up an autoresponder?
  • Can you load emails in your autoresponder?

My friend, to make it big in online business, you must know how to do these things. If you don’t, then you have a really long way to go.

searching the internet
I could vividly remember my early days in online business. I couldn’t do all these things, too. In fact, I had no idea what it meant to convert visitors into customers. I was a complete novice – then.

I could remember I was searching Google like crazy – for helpful hints on how to get all these tasks completed easily. But the pages I landed on were filled with either useless information or purely promotional content.

Also, I watched hour long videos and presentations, hoping to find simple tips on how to do these things. But in most cases, I close or stop them because they were prepared for programmers and coders who understood all the intricacies of HTML and other programming languages.

I didn’t know anything about programming. And I wasn’t ready to learn it because firstly, it appears scary to me, and secondly, I didn’t just have the time for that.

In short, I wasted lots of time trying to find a simple solution to my ignorance. And after sometime, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I almost concluded that online business is nothing but overhyped bullshit, and I thought of quitting.

You may want to ask, “Why not hire someone to help you?” My friend, I was struggling financially then with more than $10K of credit card debt. My regular job paid just what I needed to pay the bills – nothing more. So I couldn’t afford to pay a contractor for that.

It took me six months to setup my own marketing funnel and it sucked!Marketing Funnel Sucks


But now, my story is changed…

Yes, I can now create capture pages and opt-in forms, embed videos, set up autoresponders, write killer sales copies, upload sales and capture pages in HTML form, and so on – perfectly.

So what happened?

I was once searching Google when I stumbled upon My Lead System Pro (MLSP). A program that could handle all these tasks very easily. I searched online for buyer reviews and was satisfied with those I read. Still sceptical, I test drive MLSP for $2 and lo and behold, I was blown away.

So, I decided to pull out my credit card after 3 days and made my purchase. MLSP turned out to be one of my greatest investment.

Discover how MLSP can shorten your journey as it did mine. Read the next article, which is a brief review I wrote about MLSP. Can My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Really Help You Convert More Leads? (a review)


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Why are my Facebook ads disapproved?

How many times have you seen this??


“Facebook Ads Alert: Your ad wasn’t approved”

Facebook Ads Alert: Your ad wasn't approved

5 Secrets To Getting Your Facebook Ads Approved


1. Go thru the Facebook Ads Guidelines


2. No mentioning of MLM, Network Marketing, or Facebook


3. Facebook Image Ads Guidelines

In January of 2013 Facebook recently updated the image guidelines for Fan Pages. The profile image, ad image, cover photo image can not have text that takes up more than 20% of the image.


4. Tracking Link or Prohibited Website?

If your facebook ads continually gets disapproved are you using a tracking link or are you promoting a prohibited website?

i.e hypertracker.com

To find out more about your rating and how to restore your site’s reputation, please visit: http://www.mywot.com/.


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A Smart (100% Ethical) Way to Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

Twitter Follow Me!It’s sad. It’s frustrating. Your twitter account has been a loner since you created it. You’ve always avoided promotional or ‘salesy’ tweets. You’ve always posted tweets that you think anyone would want to read. But sadly, no one is reading.

The few followers you have are those who followed you back after you followed them. And they don’t even seem to notice your tweets – even when you post several of them a day. It’s fast dawning on you that Twitter is just not a platform meant for you.

Many times, you’ve thought of ditching the useless, overhyped bullshit called Twitter. But the too many testimonials shared by those who are getting massive traffic to their blogs via the same Twitter keep springing back into your head. And you keep telling yourself to try a bit harder. But until now, you’ve gotten no results.

You got on Twitter because you needed it to help drive traffic to your blog. Right? But now, your blog traffic isn’t fat enough. And even the tool you intend using to boost it isn’t working. Should you summon up the courage at the point and ditch Twitter finally?

No! Don’t.

You’ve seen some people have over 200,000 Twitter followers, haven’t you? And I’m sure you about fell over when you first saw that. Right?

The truth is, you too can have over 200,000 Twitter followers, too – without waiting for decades. Yes, you read right. 200,000, or even more. Now, I’m sure you’ll be wondering how that could ever be possible. It is.

Let me leak a secret at this point.

There are simply two ways of building a massive followership on Twitter – the normal route and the smart route.

Trailing the normal route entails tweeting regularly, engaging with others, spending hours on tweeter daily, and virtually everything you’ve done earlier. Many people have successfully built a massive followership with this approach. But I think it’s more a matter of luck – because the results aren’t guaranteed for everyone.

The smart approach is a shorter route meant for people like you – those who’ve recorded no success at trailing the normal route. For your information, most webmasters have grown their Twitter followership using this approach. So, nothing stops you from adopting it, too.

Now, I’m sure you’re ready to find out more about the smart approach. All it entails is that you use a special software package to attract followers on Twitter. And like a magnet, your account starts to attract followers in their thousands.

I can guess. You’re now getting curious. To learn more about this marvelous program and how it works, check out the next post.

Can My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Really Help You Convert More Leads? (a review)

Can My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Really Help You Convert More Leads? (a review)To make real money from your online business, you must be able to attract customers that you can call your own. Customers that you can contact anytime you have an important message to pass across (not one-time visitors who visit your website once and leave, perhaps forever).

Having a capture page, also called a landing page or squeeze page is the best way to attract customers that you can build lasting relationships with.

If you’ve been mulling over how to set up your capture or squeeze page, build your mailing list, and set up your autoresponder, good news is here.


MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is a program designed for online entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and profit. In summary, it helps convert your website visitors to customers – repeat customers. Sounds awesome, right?

What does MLSP do?

Well, MLSP can help you:

  • Create a compelling, well-designed capture page. It comes with several preset capture page templates that you can easily choose from and tweak to your taste.
  • Embed an opt-in form within your capture page. This is your real tool for collecting visitors’ contact details (usually email addresses).
  • Embed videos or other incentive within your capture page, to enhance subscription.
  • Prepare a powerful sales copy with compelling CTAs. The program offers comprehensive how-to guides and templates to help you construct a sales copy that works.
  • Develop compelling autoresponder emails that will help convert more subscribers to customers. It comes with 26 pre-written emails that you can modify slightly to suit your taste.
  • Load your emails in your autoresponder program. The program also comprises how-to guides on this.

That’s not all. MLSP comes with many other bonus features that will help ease your online marketing tasks.

So, you no longer have any excuses for not making money online. Here’s a program that can help you handle everything that matters.

No, you don’t need to know HTML or other programming languages. With MLSP, everything becomes easy to handle, even for novices. So, there are no more intricacies.

How can I get MLSP?

I know you’ve been expecting this answer. Well, like most other programs, MLSP is available for order online. It goes for a very, very cheap price. Yes, too cheap, or perhaps, ridiculous – given the large chunk of tasks it can handle.

And, you know what? There’s a money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the program or you it sucks, you’ll get your money back – in full.

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Which Is the Better Online Marketing Method – Paid Advertising or Organic Marketing?

organic_marketing_paid_advertisingWhich Is the Better Online Marketing Method – Paid Advertising or Organic Marketing?

Online entrepreneurs market and grow their businesses using either or both of two techniques – paid advertising and organic marketing. In this article, you’ll discover the better technique that deserves more of your devotion.

Paid advertising methods include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, banner ads, newsletters, cost-per-impression (CPI) advertising, cost-per-action (CPA) advertising, and other less common techniques.

Organic methods of online marketing include article marketing, video publishing, press releases, podcasts, link building, social media, and others.

Let’s start by looking at the major differences between these two methods.

Firstly, paid methods work magically for businesses that need a huge, quick burst of traffic and customers. But this benefit lasts only as long as the ads last. The moment ads are withdrawn, the traffic stops flowing, and sales reduce drastically.

As for organic methods, they don’t bring quick results. In fact, they may not yield meaningful results until after months or a few years. But the big advantage is that their results last for several years – even without additional efforts or expenses.

Secondly, paid methods are less effective in improving your business popularity. But organic methods are very effective in this regard. When you publish quality content all over the web that people find very helpful, they spread word of it by sharing via social media. No one ever shares advertisements this way.

Thirdly, advertisements speak very little of your expertise in your area of business. For this reason, people only know as much about your business as your ads reveal. Organic marketing, on the flip side, speaks volume of your expertise in your niche. It builds trust. People will buy from you out of conviction rather than with skeptical minds.

Finally, most people are no longer attracted towards ads. So, the effectiveness of paid advertising is now on a steep decline. But people love quality content. They engage with content that they deem helpful and valuable. And they’re ready to take any action required – subscribe, buy, download, share, etc.

Now, having considered the major differences between the two methods of online marketing, you’ll agree with me that organic marketing trumps paid advertising.

I’m not totally ruling out paid advertising or declaring it insignificant. I’m only trying to convince you that organic marketing is worth more of your time and effort. And this is because the dream of most entrepreneurs – like you – is to establish a brand that will stand the test of time. Only organic marketing can make this happen.

I agree. You may be getting great results from paid advertising. But I insist that you devote more to organic marketing, as it is the only technique that can take your business into the future. So go get a blog TODAY and start blogging!

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Imbiz Empires System Review | Todd Dowell

Imbiz Empires System Review

In this IMBiz Empires system review, we’ll take a closer at this so called “automated sales funnel in a box” created by Todd Dowell to learn it’s true intention, enabling you to make an informed decision.

IMBiz Empires system – What Is It?


IMBiz Empires review

Todd Dowell, the creator of IMBiz Empires system created this system with the intention of making the life easy for internet marketers. He had a good knowledge and experience by working in the field for a long period of time. Todd has used them to create IMBiz Empires system to automate income streams and also remove technical challenges many people face. You see, there are 2 most common obstacles people when it comes to online marketing which is traffic and conversion.

Generating traffic is easy. However, the difficult part is converting that traffic into sales. In ImBiz Empire, Todd exposes his most successful online strategies which generated him multiple streams of six-figure income and anyone who joins this system will get the opportunity to access Todd’s strategies and duplicate his success. The effectiveness of this IMBiz Empires system, leveraging proven strategies can clearly be seen from the customer testimonials available here.

The marketing trainings developed inside IMBiz Empires, is specifically designed to help newbie as well as advanced internet marketers. That being said, anyone can use this platform no matter if you’re in Empower Network, Pure Leverage, or affiliate of a product, a service. IMBiz Empires is a place to get traffic leads and top notch sales training.

Internet marketers who join IMBiz Empires will get a wide range of benefits along with the package.

It comes with a complete marketing funnel and sales system ready to start making money. You don’t have to pay for hosting as it is included. The system is specifically designed to help get leads and make money as soon as you get in IMBiz Empires.

The back office of IMBiz Empires system is equipped with step by step training videos on paid traffic strategy as well as free traffic strategy. It a perfect place for all the network marketers out there to learn how to generate free, and paid traffic.

In IMBiz Empires, you will get access to the private Facebook group where you can interact with fellow members in this group and participate in the daily action assignments.

Lastly, when you join IMBiz Empires, you get exclusive access to the high quality traffic coop that would normally cost thousands to test. You will have access to the same traffic at a very low rate. This is the same traffic that many successful online business owners used to create their success.

As mentioned earlier, generating traffic isn’t the hard part but converting that traffic into money. This is where ImBiz Empires system comes in. What the system does is leveraging the selling power of one of the most well-known names online – Todd Dowell. By purchasing ImBiz Empires system, you are getting complete access to Todd’s sales funnel, high converting videos and the exact same system that he uses to generate over $10,000 Residual per month.

When you promote the system to others, you are able to earn from these multiple streams of income.

  • ImBiz Empires (50% Commission)
  • Empower Network (Most Profitable 100% Commission Based Program Online)
  • Pure Leverage (Commissionable Autoresponder and Marketing Tools Used To Advertise The Business)

The price of IMBiz Empires system is abit pricey ($97/mo) and ($297/mo comes with monthly hq coop traffic) but know that Todd’s coaching and the value he provided far exceeds its price. I give IMBiz Empires system my 100% seal of approval.

imbiz empires application