A Proven Secret For Ranking High On Google For Your Target Keywords Using The Empower Network Blogging Platform?

Empower Network Blogging PlatformDid you know that about 150,000 new blogs and websites are launched every day, worldwide? Well, in case you didn’t know that before now, that’s the truth.

You know what that statistic means? It means that if you create a new blog today, you’ll have to compete with millions of other blogs in order to rank high in Google for your target keywords. That’s quite discouraging, right? Yes, very discouraging.

Even more frustrating is the fact that some monster sites are already sitting comfortably on top in Google’s rankings for most keywords. (And it’s like these sites will remain in the top position forever.) I mean, no matter how much time and effort you spend on SEO, you’re not likely to topple these sites.

But there’s a magical solution…

Yes, you can set up a new blog today and start ranking on Google’s front page for your target keywords within 7 days. You read that right. Within one week, your blog can topple the likes of Wikipedia and About.com, and sit comfortably on the top spot. Did you just ask how? Wait, I’ll explain…

Empower Network Blogging Platform

You see, Google regards the Empower Network as an authority, like Wikipedia, About.com, and others. So, any web page hosted on the Empower Network blogging platform which gains much more weight than blogs hosted on Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, and so on. And that’s why you’ll see many Empower Network-hosted blogs ranking among the top 10 sites in most Google searches. That’s the simple explanation.

So, if you’re thinking of starting your online business, you’ve just discovered a shortcut to huge profits. Of course, you’re free to take the longer route (by choosing WordPress or Blogger) and work hard for several months to years before you start making money. But why would anyone make the harder of two choices?

Just churn out high quality, valuable content that is well crafted around your target keywords and watch the magic happen! The blog has been professionally designed in a way that it looks friendly to both readers and search engines. So you don’t have to lose any sleep over the design.

Whether you’re looking at network marketing, affiliate marketing, freelancing, or any other form of online business, the Empower Network is the blogging platform for you. You’ll rank for your chosen keywords pretty quickly and you’ll start making money – real money, not peanuts – in a matter of days to a few weeks.

What Is Empower Network? The Insider Empower Network Facts!

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How Will Empower Network Make You Money?


The Empower Network pays 100% commissions. That’s one reason why many people joined. And I’m sure you love that fact, too. Of course, it’s sweet to know that you’ll be pocketing all the money you make from your first sale and most subsequent ones, isn’t it?

Before I explain how Empower Network members make money, here are the Membership Levels The Empower Network Offers 100% Commissions from:

  1. Empower Network Basic (you pay $25 monthly)
  2. The Inner Circle (you pay $100 monthly)
  3. The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive (you pay a one-time upgrade fee of $500)
  4. The 15K/Mo Formula (you pay one-time upgrade fee of $1,000)
  5. Affiliate Fee (you pay $19.95 monthly)

Here are brief interesting points on how you make money from the Empower Network:

  • The first referral you bring helps you break even. You get your starting capital back once you bring in a new referral.
  • As your referrals refer other people, you get paid, and this runs true for everyone at any level in your byline.
  • You receive your pay directly from your referrals and others in your bylines. You don’t have to go through the company or wait endlessly for a third-party payment processor.

From the list, the second point is the most interesting. Yes, the unlimited residual income potential is what makes the Empower Network awesome. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Remember, if you join the program by paying the $25 (or $100 in case you started at the second level) startup fee, you’ll get back the same amount after bringing a new referral. So, your first sale helps you break even – you have nothing to lose.

  • Your second sale is passed to your upline (your sponsor)
  • Your third sale is yours
  • Your fourth sale is passed to your upline
  • Your fifth sale is yours
  • Your sixth sale is passed to your upline
  • Your seventh to tenth sales are yours
  • Your eleventh sale is passed to your upline

Subsequently, every fifth (16th, 21st, 26th,…) sale is passed to your upline while you keep the rest. You get it?EmpowerNetworkCommissionStructure

Now let’s make it simpler. Assume that you were able to get 6 referrals in your first week of joining the network. Of course, from what has been explained, 3 of those would be passed to your upline. So, you keep the payments from three sales to yourself.

If your referrals also recruit 6 new members in the following week, and your byline keeps increasing by one level weekly in that same fashion, here’s what you’ll make from residual income in the following weeks.

Week 1

You recruit 6 new members. You pass 3 to your upline and hold on to 3 ($25 x 3 = $75)

Week 2

Your 3 referrals (level 1) also recruit 6 new members each, and they pass 3 up to you, making 9 ($25 x 9 = $225)

Week 3

Your 9 referrals (level 2) also recruit 6 new members each, and they pass 3 up to you, making 27 ($25 x 27 = $675)

Week 4

Your 27 referrals (level 3) also recruit 6 new members each, and they pass 3 up to you, making 81 ($25 x 81 = $2025)

Week 5

Your 81 referrals (level 4) also recruit 6 new members each, and they pass 3 up to you, making 243 ($25 x 243 = $6075)

Go on with the calculations for subsequent weeks up to week 10. In week 10, you know what you’ll make? An incredible $1,476,225 (from 59,049 level 9 referrals).

[Please note that the above calculation is based upon the assumption that you recruit 6 members, and your 6 referrals in turn recruit 6 new members each the next week (making 36), and your 36 level 2 referrals in turn recruit 6 new members each the next week (making 216), on and on in that fashion.]

Now, add up all your earnings from weeks 1 to 10 and find the total. That total will blow your mind! That’s what you earn in residual income just by starting with $25.

So, what if you started with $100 and some of your referrals did the same? You’ll be swimming in a pool of dollar notes, right?

Remember, the above calculation is what you can earn ONLY from residual income by sponsoring just 6 referrals. What if you sponsored more referrals? You’ll get more referral sign up bonuses (for being the sponsor), you’ll have larger downlines, and … you’ll make more money. That’s it! It’s real. It’s guaranteed! But it all depends on your determination to make money.

If you hate to make money, then nobody can help you to be rich. But if you really want to make cool money, the Empower Network will help you make much of it.

All you need to do is join the network, attract referrals by offering high quality information on your blog, and see you income soar!

UPDATE: New EN Compensation Plan >> Download <<

Ready to get started with the Empower Network?

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