How to Write Web Copy That Converts – 5 Practical Steps

How to Write Web Copy That Converts – 5 Practical StepsContrary to what you think, writing web copy that can engage, convince, and convert visitors is not difficult. In fact, anyone – not just copywriters – can write it.

The main reason why most people can’t write compelling web copy is simply that they don’t know how to write it. Just by learning the steps to follow while writing web copy, you can write high quality copy for your website that will convert visitors into customers.

First, note that web copy needs not be long. If you can cover every detail you want the reader to know about your business in just 200 words, keep it that short. It’s of no use cramming your copy with fluff. That alone repels readers.

Now, here are five surefire steps you should follow in order to craft a great web copy that will attract more customers to your online business:

1. Explain your readers’ problem

Nobody will trust your solution if it’s obvious that you don’t understand the problem yourself. Only when you prove that you understand the pain point of your readers will they trust whatever solution you have to offer.

Your readers won’t take action if you don’t explain their problem well enough to show that you understand it deeply.

2. Explain why the problem hasn’t been solved

To further build trust, state the causes of your readers’ problem and why the problems haven’t been solved. Also state why the available solutions aren’t working for them.

3. State the benefits of solving the problem

Discuss what your readers will gain by having the problem solved. Though they know this already, you need to remind them, as this will engage them the more.

By reminding them of the benefits in solving their problem, you’ll motivate them to solve the problem quickly. At this stage, they’re ready to accept anything you offer as a solution that will bring them those benefits.

4. Introduce your solution and state why it’s unique

Tell your readers about your solution. Explain how it works and every other thing they need to know about it. Most importantly, explain why they should prefer it to the hundreds of similar offers available in the market.

5. Call to action

Tell your readers what to do next. Should they click a link? Should they subscribe to your newsletter? Should they buy or download an ebook?

Never assume that your readers know what to do next. Tell them!

With this 5-step blueprint, you can convince and convert even skeptical prospects. So, write your copy now, and see your income multiply. And, do you know what? The blueprint doesn’t just work for text copy. It works for all forms of copy – videos, slides, and so on.

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