6 Questions You Should Ask Before Joining An MLM Network

MLM NetworkYou’ve probably learnt that MLM is a real and very lucrative work-from-home business, and you’re now very eager to join an MLM network. But don’t, please. At least, not until after you’ve read this article.

Do you know that not all MLM networks and businesses are worth joining? Yes, many of them are either scams or simply not just worth joining, for many reasons.

So, before joining an MLM network, you should find out whether it is worth joining or not. Did you just ask how?

Questions To Ask Before Joining Any MLM Network

Well, here are six good questions to help you, plus the answers that you should expect from a good network:


1. Would the products do well in market?

A good MLM business must offer a product that is unique and that many people need. You won’t make any profit if you’re marketing mundane products that people can find almost everywhere.

So, if an MLM network is offering products that aren’t unique or that most people don’t need, you’d better find another network.


2. Does the network emphasize more on you recruiting other distributors than on selling?

Well, that’s a red flag. A good MLM network should be interested in how much sales you make, not in how much new distributors you bring into the network.

So, if a network isn’t offering any helpful tips on how you can market or sell their products better, such a network is most likely interested in more distributors rather than sales.

Also, if a network promises you greater reward for recruiting new distributors than for selling its products, avoid such a network.


3. Has the network been long established?

Being in business for decades is a sign of a good MLM network. If an MLM network is new or just a few years old, I wouldn’t advise you to join such. If you do so, you’ll be risking your money.


4. Is the network overhyped?

Never be deceived by glorifying testimonials displayed on an MLM network’s home page. Such testimonials could be fictional.

Are the testimonials too good to be true? Then avoid that network like a plague.


5. Are there high-pressure CTAs?

Check the website of an MLM network for statements like, “You have just 48 hours to join the success train…”, or “This is a limited time opportunity…”

Such statements stimulate people to take action without deliberation. So, avoid MLM schemes that try to use them to “charge” people up.


6. What are others saying?

To get genuine information and reviews about an MLM scheme – or any other online business – do a Google search. You’ll always find honest reviews about the scheme – written by either satisfied or jolted folks.

If there are too many complaints about an MLM network, why should you consider such, let alone joining it?

Be smart. Do your research well. If you ask all these questions before choosing an MLM scheme, you’ll never make the wrong choice.

Buyers Or Information Seekers: Whom Should You Target?

target marketFor an online marketer, being smart enough to know whom exactly to target and how to target them is the only shortcut to success. You’ll fail if you target the wrong people – that’s no rocket science. And you’ll fail as well if you target the right audience in the wrong way.

Now, the question is whom should you target as your audience? Read on, and you’ll get an answer that may surprise you.

In the past decades, advertising your products and bragging about its unique features was all you needed to make sales. Huge sales.

But today, the story has changed. People are no longer interested in those glorifying adjectives that marketers describe their products with. People feel skeptical about buying a new product because they’ve been burned several times in the past. And they’re now more than careful not to waste their money on mediocre offers

With many overhyped offers flocking the market today, it will take more than just advertising to sell your product. You need to offer value free. When you offer problem-solving information that your visitors find very helpful, you’ll build trust gradually, and they’ll deem you worthy of doing business with.

Here’s the explanation from another angle:

Because they don’t want to fall for the same old mediocre offers, most buyers search for genuine and valuable information about products or services before buying them. So, what we have today are information seekers, not buyers per se.

After all that has been explained, you can now see why your marketing efforts shouldn’t entail blatant advertisement and pitches. Rather, you should focus on offering valuable content. That’s the only way you can build trust and credibility. And remember, people will only buy from businesses they trust.

Valuable content answers the several questions that potential buyers are asking about your products or services. It explains to buyers how your products or services can solve their problems. It explains your products and services are the best for them in a very subtle way that doesn’t appear “salesy”. So, target information seekers by offering valuable content. Prospects will trust you and take you for an authority in your area of business. And when this happens, they deem your products the best fit for them.

Remember, when you’re trusted, not only will people do business with you, but they’ll also spread word about your business.

How can you offer valuable content?

The answer is simple. The best and simplest approach is for you to set up a blog for your business. Most businesses, having realized the importance of a blog, have set up theirs. You need to set up yours, now. Get started by Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business or you can decide to simply use the Empower Network blog

. It’s already set up and hosted for you and your content gets ranked easily in the search engine.

Having set up a blog, publish high quality, valuable, and engaging posts that your readers will find very helpful. Also offer information in the form of ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc. This way, you’ll convert many prospects and attract many more loyal customers.

What to Blog About? Top Money Making Ideas for Bloggers

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Wake Up Now Scam Review | Real Wake Up Now Review

So what is Wake Up Now?

wake up now scam review

When people hear about Wake Up Now, scam is typically the first word and question that comes to mind. This just means that if you are the one wanting to know whether or not Wake Up Now is a scam, you are not alone. Wake up Now is the name of a company that was founded in 2009. The company promises their clients three different elements: saving money, managing money, and making money.

There are a number of awesome discounts and coupons from places such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Groceries
  • Traveling

This includes practical coupons that people actually use such as for Target or Amazon. They also do offer financial management software that a lot of members are happy to take advantage of. TaxBot is one of the more popular programs that Wake Up Now offers.

Grocery Shopping Coupons wake up now reviewWakeUpNow backoffice (OVER 200 Grocery Shopping Coupons
back there, waiting on ME to go ahead and use…)

With Wake Up Now Compensation Plan

In order to sign up for Wake Up Now, you just have to pay a monthly membership fee of $100. When you get three people to sign up for Wake Up Now your membership fee will be free. If you enroll 12 people, you are going to make a monthly residual income of $600. This does not include the global bonus dollars, the car bonus, and the vacation bonus.

Wake Up Now Proof

Why Would Some Call Wake Up Now A Scam?

The only real disadvantage of Wake Up Now is the monthly membership fee of $100. This is because most people associate spending money to make money with Internet scams. However, the program does an exception job of making it easy for you to make the membership fee back and more. The benefits of the program include the bonuses and rewards will help you save money; the software will help you manage money; and the business opportunity itself is going to help you make money.

Please note: Unfortunately Wake Up Now only allows registration from residents of the Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, US. If you reside in a different country, I highly recommend joining Empower Network. You will be able to generate an amazing online income from any country. Click here for info.

What Wake Up Now, as a business opportunity offers, can be quite promising – just as any online business. But again, not knowing how to properly market online (or market at all for that matter), can be detrimental to your success.

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Why are my Facebook ads disapproved?

How many times have you seen this??


“Facebook Ads Alert: Your ad wasn’t approved”

Facebook Ads Alert: Your ad wasn't approved

5 Secrets To Getting Your Facebook Ads Approved


1. Go thru the Facebook Ads Guidelines


2. No mentioning of MLM, Network Marketing, or Facebook


3. Facebook Image Ads Guidelines

In January of 2013 Facebook recently updated the image guidelines for Fan Pages. The profile image, ad image, cover photo image can not have text that takes up more than 20% of the image.


4. Tracking Link or Prohibited Website?

If your facebook ads continually gets disapproved are you using a tracking link or are you promoting a prohibited website?

i.e hypertracker.com

To find out more about your rating and how to restore your site’s reputation, please visit: http://www.mywot.com/.


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A Smart (100% Ethical) Way to Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

Twitter Follow Me!It’s sad. It’s frustrating. Your twitter account has been a loner since you created it. You’ve always avoided promotional or ‘salesy’ tweets. You’ve always posted tweets that you think anyone would want to read. But sadly, no one is reading.

The few followers you have are those who followed you back after you followed them. And they don’t even seem to notice your tweets – even when you post several of them a day. It’s fast dawning on you that Twitter is just not a platform meant for you.

Many times, you’ve thought of ditching the useless, overhyped bullshit called Twitter. But the too many testimonials shared by those who are getting massive traffic to their blogs via the same Twitter keep springing back into your head. And you keep telling yourself to try a bit harder. But until now, you’ve gotten no results.

You got on Twitter because you needed it to help drive traffic to your blog. Right? But now, your blog traffic isn’t fat enough. And even the tool you intend using to boost it isn’t working. Should you summon up the courage at the point and ditch Twitter finally?

No! Don’t.

You’ve seen some people have over 200,000 Twitter followers, haven’t you? And I’m sure you about fell over when you first saw that. Right?

The truth is, you too can have over 200,000 Twitter followers, too – without waiting for decades. Yes, you read right. 200,000, or even more. Now, I’m sure you’ll be wondering how that could ever be possible. It is.

Let me leak a secret at this point.

There are simply two ways of building a massive followership on Twitter – the normal route and the smart route.

Trailing the normal route entails tweeting regularly, engaging with others, spending hours on tweeter daily, and virtually everything you’ve done earlier. Many people have successfully built a massive followership with this approach. But I think it’s more a matter of luck – because the results aren’t guaranteed for everyone.

The smart approach is a shorter route meant for people like you – those who’ve recorded no success at trailing the normal route. For your information, most webmasters have grown their Twitter followership using this approach. So, nothing stops you from adopting it, too.

Now, I’m sure you’re ready to find out more about the smart approach. All it entails is that you use a special software package to attract followers on Twitter. And like a magnet, your account starts to attract followers in their thousands.

I can guess. You’re now getting curious. To learn more about this marvelous program and how it works, check out the next post.

The Best Spinner Review: Best Article Spinning Software?

Article Spinning Sorftware The Best Spinner Review

Can The Best Spinner software ease your task of content generation or make your head spin?

In your article marketing effort, you need fresh, unique, and valuable content – i mean tons of it. Every online entrepreneur knows that article marketing is a very powerful online marketing strategy that guarantees long-term results and attract high quality targeted leads and traffic. Articles help to drive traffic to your pages and are required for a strong link building campaign.

But here comes the sad fact: writing hundreds of articles yourself could be tiring. Very tiring. Yet, article marketing success demands that you churn out lots of unique, fresh, and quality content…

The fastest and easiest way to generate lots of unique articles that are readable and interesting is to use The Best Spinner.

The Best Spinner Review: Article Spinning Has Never Been Easier!

The Best Spinner is a software that allows you to spin an unlimited number of fresh articles from an original pre-existing article.

With its access to a rich thesaurus and database of user-defined synonyms, The Best Spinner can generate thousands of articles that are totally different in their wording.

Watch The Best Spinner In Action!

Using The Best Spinner is not neurosurgery. Anyone can use it. Just copy and paste the original article, define some synonyms of your choice (if you like) (which takes me about 15-20minutes), and click a button. The software then automatically generates a fresh article that looks different in wording, though conveying the same meaning as the original article.

To get more articles, click the “another” button to spin again, and another article will be generated. This way, you can generate as many unique versions as you want. Because The Best Spinner supports nested spinning, you can generate deeply spun articles.

Another very interesting fact about The Best Spinner is that many third party article syndication and submission tools support it. Just submit the Spintax version of your article (containing brackets and tags) and have your generated articles submitted automatically.

One major advantage TBS has over other content spinners is that it doesn’t produce crappy content. Most other spinners generate unreadable content that unreadable that makes no complete sense. This advantage of TBS is due to constant updating of its synonym database by real-world users – not machines.

The only downside is that it installs only on a PC as compared to browser based spinner like SpinRewriter or Content Boss where you can work anywhere, anytime.

Other than that, The Best Spinner is an excellent article spinning tool and you’ll be saving yourself from lots of hassles, and you’ll be getting great results without much effort. I’m sure you like that, don’t you?

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Try The Best Spinner $7 for 7 days!