What to Blog About? Top Money Making Ideas for Bloggers

what to blog about? top money making ideas for bloggers

what to blog about? top money making ideas for bloggersIn my previous post, Buyers Or Information Seekers: Whom Should You Seek? I talked about setting up a blog, publish high quality, valuable, and engaging posts that your readers will find very helpful. Also offer information in the form of ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc. Lead by value. Offer solution to a problem.


“What do I blog about?”

“What products and programs to promote that will solve people’s problem, products that people will buy?”

The truth of the matter is…

To make real money from your online business – be it affiliate marketing or network marketing – you must promote only what people are buying.

If you promote products that no one is buying, you simply won’t make any money.

Do you now know why it’s important to target bestselling products? I’m sure you do.

Now, here are some very reliable and accurate online resources that can help you find the most lucrative products and programs to promote, either as an affiliate or as a network marketer:

1. Google Trends

This tool helps you know the current hot searches (that is, what people are searching for right now). Also, it shows graphs that indicate whether the number of global searches for a given query is increasing or decreasing with time.

With Google Trends, not only can you study the trends of a particular keyword or phrase, but you can also compare it with another keyword.

2. Ebay Pulse

Because people who are searching for Ebay are serious buyers, Ebay Pulse is a very reliable tool for finding what people are buying online right now. Just look at the “popular searches” list in your preferred category, and you’ll see the hottest selling products.

3. Amazon

The world’s largest online store, Amazon is another place to check for the current bestsellers. Click on your preferred category, and then click on the “bestsellers” tab on the category page. There you’ll find the current hotcakes in that category.

4. My Simon

Another reputable online store, My Simon has a “top searches” feature on the left hand side of each category page (just like Amazon). This gives you a clue about what people are buying the most in that category.

5. Clickbank Marketplace

If you want to promote digital products, such as ebooks, games, and software, Clickbank’s marketplace is the way to go. (Remember, these products offer the highest affiliate commissions. So, they’re really worth going after.) Once you’re in the marketplace, choose your preferred category, and look out for products with the highest gravity. These are the bestsellers in that category.

If you’re a network marketer, check out these two websites:

Both websites feature rankings of the best network marketing programs on the web, based on many factors. So, you can compare the top ranking programs before making an informed choice.

It’s important that you research the market before going into any business – online or offline. So, use these online resources to find the best products to market, and you’ll start making money in the end.

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