Google Keyword Research Tool, Market Samurai, SECockpit??

SeCockpit Google Keyword Tool Market Samurai

SeCockpit Google Keyword Tool Market SamuraiIn this post, I’ll be introducing to you a must have tool……………….. a keyword research tool.

Keyword research is one of the most important steps to take when starting an online business. Whether you’re dipping your toes in affiliate marketing, network marketing, blogging, or other online income avenues, you just can’t skip this step.

One harsh truth about keyword research is that it can make or mar your online business. Whether you’ll make crumbs or six-figures from your online business hinges on keyword research. Target the right keywords and actualize your dream, target the wrong keywords and die of frustration. Yes, it’s that serious… lol 😉

Now, having understood the importance of keyword research, you need to know the tools to do it right.

Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool

– I always start my research here to compile a list of keywords with enough traffic to make it worthwhile. (at least 1,000 monthly EXACT searches). This tool is free to use. Create a Google Adwords account (free), log in and you can produce a list of up to 800 keywords versus 100 if you do not log in.

It’s a very fine tool for keyword research.

But carrying out a highly analytical keyword research requires more than studying the “competition” and “monthly searches” columns in the Google keyword tool. These parameters are very helpful, but many other parameters are even more helpful for finding lucrative keywords.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai – $127 one time purchase. This is great tool you can install on both a PC or a Mac. Great tool if you are on a budget but it can be slow.


SeCockpit – this my keyword tool of choice now.

Here are some powerful SECockpit features:-

  • SeCockpit a web-based tool. So, you won’t have to install any software
  • It is super fast. It brings results in seconds
  • It analyzes keywords with many other parameters, aside competition an number of searches
  • SeCockpit analyzes competition with extra parameters like MozRank, domain age, page authority, etc.
  • It checks for exact match domain availability for every keyword
  • SeCockpit analyzes the CPC value and Adwords competition for each keyword. So, you’ll know how lucrative a keyword is, in case you’re looking at creating an Adsense site
  • It has a rank tracker feature, which can track your rankings for up to 100 keywords – free
  • It features combined results from the Google Keyword Tool, Google Suggest Tool, and the Google Related Searches.

Because SECockpit is a web-based tool, it is much faster and it digs a lot deeper than Market Samurai. It also tells you if any Squidoo, Hubpages or Youtube videos are ranking for each keyword which is great for “sniping”. You can also add all of your URLS for rank tracking.

This is a little expensive tool but still it has many happy customers because simply it works properly and you’ll get absolute value for your money.

SECockpit costs $97 per month but there is another special link, if you want to try it first.

SEcockpit Special Offer

You can buy it here with $60 off discount for first month:

$37 for 1 Month – Full Access


$1 for 5 Days – Full Access

Bonus: Full use of Rank Tracker with both SECockpit Trial Offers and step-by-step training videos


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