Do You Have Your Own Blog (Central Nerve Center) Online Business?

Would you like to become a six-figure earner? You can really achieve this dream from your online business.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into multilevel marketing, affiliate marketing, freelancing, or some other form of online business.

But the truth is to be successful; you’ll need something very important… Something without which you’ll be trailing a very long, perhaps endless, route to success.

And that’s a blog (central nerve center), or website… differentiating you from the masses.

Yes, a blog or website is now a very important marketing technique that has helped many people grow their businesses and profits. Even the well-established businesses, by harnessing the power of a blog, or website, are getting more customers and increasing their brand strength.

You still don’t believe your online business needs a blog?

Here are five reasons why you should set up one as soon as possible:

1. People aren’t interested in your business

That’s the plain truth. Nobody is interested in your products or services or in those glorifying adjectives that you qualify your business with.

What people want is value. They want to know how your business can really solve their problems. So, if you offer valuable information that enlightens them, you’ll win them over to your side – even without blunt advertising.


2. People will take you for an expert

When you run a blog on which you offer helpful, problem-solving tips, people will take you for an authority, and they’ll trust you.

From whom else would people buy, if not someone they trust and think is an expert who knows much about his stuff?


3. You’ll be able to understand your potential customers better

A blog avails your readers the chance to post comments and ask questions about your posts. So, it’s a very good avenue for interacting with potential customers and understanding them better.

Also, your audience will get to know and understand you and your business better. Of course, people are more comfortable doing business with someone they know and understand.


4. Blogging is great for publicity

Only through blogging can you have an online presence. Remember, most people now search for products and services online, and they only do business with those they can find online.

So, if you don’t have a blog, you’ll be hiding your business away from thousands, perhaps millions, of potential customers.


5. Blogging creates more opportunities

By running a blog, you can easily venture into other online businesses – actively or passively. For instance, if you’re a freelance writer, you can venture into affiliate marketing and promote some products on your blog for extra cash.


6. Automated traffic for years to come!!

This is a BIG one! If you haven’t already, be sure to fill up the form below to pick up your 10 Day Training Series. I’ll be sharing with you various tactics to propel your website or blog to the top positions in search engine listings and some advanced traffic and lead generation technique that will bring automated traffic for years to come and continues to pay you over and over again.

So, take action

While you may be impressed at the profit you’re presently making from your online business, you’ll definitely make more by simply running a blog. Set up your blog or website today (it’s very cheap), and it will help you grow your business and income.



Your Action Steps…




Get your own Domain Name Here:





Get your own Hosting Account Here:





Important Note:

All too often, I see marketers using free hosting or web solution. The problem here is that YOU don’t own this, and if for any reason these solutions don’t like what you have hosted on their servers, there goes all of your work… straight down the drain.

Setting up your own wordpress blog is not incredibly difficult. If you are technically challenged, or a technophobe… Great news! You still have options 🙂

Empower Network Authority Blogging Platform

I strongly recommend Empower Network Authority Blogging Platform. With Empower Network, you can have an authority blog online and have complete control over your own content to brand yourself and host what you would like, AND you do not have to deal with the technical challenges of getting your blog online.


However, if you are NOT insistent on “personal branding” using your own blog, and want to use proven systems to leverage other people’s knowledge to lead with value, with the option to add your own personal content (such as videos and content) to your “funded proposal”, I highly recommend MLSP.

7 thoughts on “Do You Have Your Own Blog (Central Nerve Center) Online Business?”

  1. Hi Zoeilee,

    I see that many business websites still don’t have a blog. Although some businesses are actually hiring people just to blog for their business.

    As you said the ones that still don’t have a blog are really missing out. A blog personalizes ones’ business and it is an easy vehicle to share idea, to interact with the customers and much more.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Dita,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your valuable comment. Blogging entails a great amount of work, but it is worthwhile. Like you said, without a blog, people are really leaving money on the table.


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