Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business

buy domainTo establish your online business, one of the first requirements is for you to have a domain name. Without one, you simply cannot register your business’s presence on the web.

You’re free to choose any domain name, provided it’s still available. But being an online entrepreneur with foresight, you shouldn’t just choose any domain name that comes to your mind. There are certain factors you should consider before making your choice.

Do you know why you need to have your own domain name? Here are two main reasons:

• You’ll present yourself as a professional. Using a blogspot or domain takes all credibility off your business.
• You’ll have a custom email with your domain name included, instead of “gmail” or “aol”. This also speaks volume of your level of professionalism.

Now, how do you choose the right domain name for your business? Here are four golden rules you must follow:

1. Keep it simple

Your domain name must be very easy to say, spell, memorize, and remember. I’m sure you don’t want your visitors to start scrambling for their jotters every time they want to visit your website. And you don’t want them to spend hours trying to memorize your domain name either.

2. Include your keywords

Before embarking on any online business, you must conduct a keyword research. This helps you find the best keywords to target in order to have your website ranked high in search engine listings.

After choosing the best keywords, include your main keyword in your domain name, as this is a major factor for ranking high in search engine listings.

So, to boost your online visibility, choose a domain name that includes your main target keyword.

3. Choose a generic domain name

While it’s advisable that you start small, you should aspire to take your business global. However, having a narrow focus from the start should not prompt you to choose a narrow-focused domain name.

Always choose a generic domain name that will easily accommodate future adjustments or inclusions to your business.

4. Register plural, hyphenated, and mis-spelt versions

In order to prevent some opportunist competitors from stealing your prospects in future, try to register your domain in other forms, such as plural, hyphenated, and misspelt forms.

For example, if you intend registering as, consider registering the following, too:

You get it?

Note that this is not a rule. It’s just a recommendation that you should adopt if you’re seriously hoping to grow your business into a global brand.

Your domain name is part of your brand. So, choose it rightly. Follow these tips, and you’ll make a great choice.

So go ahead and make your purchase, but DO NOT buy any of the other services your registration company will want to sell you like traffic generation, search engine submission, etc. You don’t need those.

All you need are the domain names, and a basic hosting account which you can set up for $3.95 a month at

1: Start with the domain search box. You will get to know this one well as you search for a name that is actually available.

Continue to search until you find a name that meets all of the criteria we’ve discussed today.

buy domain godaddy

Once you find a name that works, choose to register the .com, .biz, and .info names.

2: Go ahead and start the check out process.

3: Skip ALL of the extra services they will try and sell you. You DO NOT need them.

4: I only register my domains for 1 year at a time to keep costs down. They will automatically renew each year as long as your credit card on file is current. If it’s not, GoDaddy will notify you.

Congrats! You now own your very first domain name!

5: When you’re ready to set up a re-direct or set up an email address for your new
domain, click the Support button for GoDaddy and call their 1-800 number.

Have one of their associates walk you through each process.

Important Tips:

GoDaddy has the best domain support, but I do not recommend hosting from there.
You’ll want to have a cpanel in your hosting for easy, FREE web site installations which will be discussed in my later post. I highly recommend Hostgator. They provide user friendly Cpanel with 1 click installation for WordPress and fantastic technical support via live chat, phone and email. Use Hostgator coupon code – warriorsdeal25 to save 25% off your selected package.

To your success,

Zoei Lee

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